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“Satwa” is the peaceful, calm state of mind exemplified by the world’s saintly people. It is the state of harmony, stability of mind, efficiency of handling matters without partiality and selfishness, emotional stability and detachment.Saatwika Ayurveda treatment Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala, India has special treatment methods to increase the satwaguna (good values) of a person and decreases manodoshas like Rajas and Tamas.

Kerala Ayurvedic Massage

ABHYANGA (KERALA AYURVEDIC BODY MASSAGE) A specialized whole body massage performed by  massage therapist using specific herbal oil selected according to th body type. The treatment brings about improved physical consistency, induces deep relaxation and is very beneficial for vigor and vitality.Oil application for full body with different medicated oils as per the body condition. Abhyangam is good for remove muscle pain, muscle tone up, healthy skin, avoid fatigue and body relaxation.Saatwika ayurvedic treatment centre is well maintained ayurvedic massage centre in trivandrum. A full body ayurvedic massage package includes :



SAATWIKA  AYURVEDIC TREATMENT CENTRE IN TRIVANDRUM  offers genuine and high quality ayurvedic treatments and it is one of the BEST AYURVEDIC HOSPITAL IN TRIVANDRUM .We have a holistic approach to shed all the worries, anxieties and stress by means of authentic Medicines,scientific therapies, Meditation and Yoga.Ayurvedic massage in Kerala has techniques for reducing pain,shaping the organs and regenerating tissues in human body.


Saatwika healthy stay is one of the major homestays in Trivandrum and it features comfortable accommodation with healthy diet .


Saatwika Ayurveda Panchakarma Institute is one of the major ayurvedic training centres in Trivandrum. Saatwika ayurveda panchakarma training centre in Trivandrum conducts various diploma and certificate courses in ayurveda and yoga.The centre is affiliated to Bharath Sevak Samaj ,A National Development agency promoted by Govt. of India.


Book your consultation with Dr.Salini.L.S. , the chief physician and one of the most efficient ayurveda doctor in Trivandrum at Saatwika Ayurvedic Treatment centre.

                            Dr.Salini L S
                     M D & Chief Physician

The way to healthy living

Saatwika Ayurvedic treatment centre  is one of the best and authentic Ayurvedic Treatment Centres in Trivandrum . Dr. Salini L.S.,the Chief Physician and MD of Saatwika Ayurveda is an young and enthusiastic Ayurvedic Doctor in Trivandrum. Enabling every one to live a helthy life is the aim of Saatwika Ayurveda and Dr.Salini.L.S . After attaining her academics Dr.Salini Continued her learning under the legendary ayurvedic physician Chittattinkara Krishnapillai Vaidyar. There were no shortcuts for in ayurvedic treatments for Kirshanapillai vaidyar and he was very much precise on his methodologies in treating patients. It is Krishna pillai Vaidyar who devoted his life for ayurveda encouraged Dr.Salini to go forward sticking on to the ancient methods of treatment followed in ayurveda.Advices of Krishana Pillai  Vaidyar still  guides Dr.Salini in her profession.

Treatments at saatwika is simple and complete by all means.Saatwika believes in curing the diseases ,preventing it and helping every one by guiding them to a helthy life by following  the right ways in diet,exercise,sleep,action and thoughts. Dr.Salini is specialised in anti arthritic treatments and She is also the Director of Saatwika Panchakarama Institute and Chair person of Saatwika Ayurveda Research and Health Foundation.



Saatwika Ayurvedic Treatment centre in Trivandrum offers genuine and high quality ayurvedic treatments.We have a holistic approach to shed all the worries, anxieties and stress by means of authentic Medicines,scientific therapies, Meditation and Yoga.


The pain management clinic of Saatwika offers Various speciality Ayurvedic Treatment packages for Arthritis,Back pain,Joint Pain,Neck Pain,Cervical Spondylosis etc.

The speciality ayurvedic treatments and ayurvedic packages for arthritis and pain related diseases are :

Anti Arthritic Treatment or Vata Vyadhi Chikitsa

This package is designed to get relief from arthritic and rheumatic conditions like Osteoarthritis, rheumatic arthritis, inflammatory conditions, gout etc. It includes internal medicines and Panchakarma treatments like choorna pinda swedanam, Patrapodala swedanam, Abhyangam, Shashtikapinda swedanam, Pizhichil, Snehavasthym Kashayavasthy etc. Short term packages for 7 to 10 days and long term packages for 14 to 28 days are available.

Osteo arthritis Treatment

Pain, swelling and stiffness of major joints with long duration. Managed by giving internal medicines and panchakarma treatments like choorna pinda swedananm, patrapodula, swedanam, pichichil, abhyangam, snehavarthy, kashyavarthy etc.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

It is the most common inflammatory arthritis. RA is a symmetrical, deforming, small and large joint polyarthritis, often associated with systemic disturbance and extra articular disease features Managed by internal medicines, shodhana treatment and panchakarma treatments like Choorna pinda swedanam, upanaham, patrapodala swedanam etc.

Spine and Neck Care Therapy

It is specially designed to give relief from pain, stiffness and swelling in the spine and neck due to intervertebral disc prolapse, degenerative diseases, spondylitis etc. The treatment includes – neck and shoulder massage, abhyangam, kadivasthy, greevavasthy, pichu, patra pedala swedam, herbal steam bath, choorna pinda swedam, matravasthy etc.

Cervical Spondylosis Treatment

Pain in the neck that may radiate in the distribution of the affected nerve root. The neck is held rigidly and neck movements may exacerbate pain due to degeneration of the intervertebral discs and secondary osteoarthritis. Effective ayurveda treatments like greevavasthy, pichu, neck and shoulder massage, abhyangam, patra podula swedanam etc. are given along with internal medicines.

Disc Prolapse

Severe pain in the affected area along with difficulty in movements of the spine. Internal medicines along with treatments like pichu, kadivasthy, abhyangam etc are done according to the condition.

Back Pain

There are many reasons for back pain and lower back pain such as irritation to the related nerve roots, uneasiness of small nerves inside the spine, strains in the back muscles,and in many cases injury to the disc, bones, joints or ligaments in the spine may cause back pain.Medicines and treatments are done according to the person and disease.


Slimming Programme or Sthoulya hara chikitsa

Ayurveda can help to control most of the life style diseases like Obesity, diabetes etc by natural therapies and life style modifications. Obesity is one of the major health problem which leads to many diseases and even cardiac problems. So it is very essential to control the body weight. Our slimming programme is helpful for reducing body weight and extra accumulated fat in our body by enhancing the fat metabolism. It includes treatments like Udwarbanam, Dhanyamladhara, Choornapinda swedam, herbal steam bath, Virechana etc and intake of herbal medicines specially made for reducing fat. A special diet and life style modification are also recommended during the time of treatment.


Body Immunisation Treatment

It is better to prevent your body from diseases. The treatment includes internal medicines along with treatments like Shodana, Snehana, Swedana, Sirodara, Njavarakizhi, Pizhichil, Nasyam, Dhanyavala dhara etc. according to the body type of a person. Meditation, Yopga and special diet are adviced during the treatment.


Stress and mental worries due to modern life style leads to Insomnia (sleeplessness) and anxiety. We aim to de-stress both body and mind by giving internal medicines, stress relieving treatment, meditation, yoga etc. Special diet and life style modification’s are recomeded during this period.


Skin diseases like psoriasis are well managed in ayrveda by shreedhana, internal medicines and panchakarma treatments like thakradhara, virechanam, lepanam etc.


Ayurveda treatment is very effective in reducing the body weight and extra accumulated fat in our body. Managed by effective internaql medicines along with panchakarma treatments like vdwartanam, ushma swedanam, dhanyamladhara etc. Special diet and life style modification’s are recomended during the treatment.

Headache and Migraine

Headache and migraine with nausea, vomitting and aura of focal neurological events are well managed ayurveda treatment. Internal medicines along with treatments like nasyam, shiradhara etc. are done according to the condition of the patient.

Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is world wide in distribution and the incidence of both type 1 and type 2  diabetes is rising. Obesity, unsatisfactory diet, sedentary life style, increasing urbanisation are some of the factors contributing to the type 2 diabetes. Diabetes mellitus is characterised by hyper glycaemia due to absolute or relative deficiency of insulin. Lack of insulin effects the metabolism of carbohydrates, protein and fat, and causes a significant disturbance of water and electrolyte homestasis. Ayurveda has effective internal medicines which increase the insuling secretion and helps in the metabolism. Treatments like Udwartanam, Dhyanyamaladhara etc. are done along with special diet, life style modification, yoga etc.


Rise in blood pressure above the normal range is hypertension. Cardiovascular risk associated with a given blood pressure are depent upon the combination of risk factors like age, weight, gender, physical inactivity, smoking, family history, blood cholestrol, diabetes mellitus and pre existing vascular diseases. So it is important to maintain the blood pressure within the normal range. Ayurveda is rich in herbal medicines which effectively controls the blood pressure to normal. Antihypertensive treatment includes effective internal medicines, natural therapies, like style modification, stress relieving treatments, meditation and a special diet is recommended during this period.

Allergic rhinitis and cough

Allergic rhinitis are episodes of nasal congestion, watery nasal discharge and sneezing. Ayurveda has effective treatment for cough & allergic rhinitis. Internal medicines along with treatments like vamana, nasya etc are given according to the condition of the patient.

Stress Management Programme

Stress is becoming more common now a days and it effect both body and mind, which inturn causes health problems and mental illness like Insomnia, anxiety, skin diseases etc. In ayurveda, Vata, Pitta and Kapha dosha will get vitiated due to stress which causes many diseases to the body. It reduces  Satwika guna of our mind and increases rajas and tamas which is not good for health. We aims to bring these thridoshas to normally amd to make a healthy body and peaceful mind. The treatment includes – anti stress massage, general body massage or abhyangam, shirodhara, thalapodhichil, medicated steam bath, ksheeradhara etc. along with internal medicines. A special diet and meditation is recommended during the time of treatment.

Body Purification Programme or Shodhana Chikitsa

According to ayurveda, accumulation of vitiated doshas and toxins inside the body is the cause of diseases. So it is very necessary to expel or remove these toxins and free radicals from the body. Shodhana is that which expels the vitiated doshas out of the body forcibly. This treatment has 3 phases – Poorvakam preparatory stage, pradhana karma or panchakarma treatment stage and paschat karma or post purification stage. Poorvakarma includes snehanam and swedanam process like abhyangam, patrapodala swedanam, choornapinda swedanam etc and pradhana karma include vamanam, virechanam, nasyam, vasthy etc. Paschat karma includes rejuvenation treatment, special dieting etc. Purificatory treatment is not only for the body but also for the mind. Mental constitutions like rajas and tamas should be reduced and Saatwika guna should be increases by meditation, yoga etc. In addition to this special ayurvedic medicines and diet is recommended during this treatment. It is very useful in many metabolic disorders and also to improve the health and longevity.

Rejuvenation Therapy

Rejuvenation therapy is to keep the body and mind young, to improve physical  strength, to tone up muscles and to improve vigour and vitality. For the rejuvenation of the mind meditation and yoga is also available. Treatment includes – general body massage or abhayangam, rejuvination massage, medicated steam bath, shashtika pinda swedam, shirodhara, shirovasthy etc.


Menstrual Disorders

Menstrual disorders like ammenorhea, dismenorhea, menoragia, hormonal imbalance, PCOD etc. are treated in ayurveda very effectively without any side effects. Internal medicines along with a course of treatment is required.

Post Menopausal  Syndromes

Post Menopausal  Syndromes like hot flushes, joint pain etc are becoming very common now a days. Ayurveda treatment along with the intake of medicines will give good relief from this condition.

Post Delivery Management Programme

After the normal delivery proper care should be given for good health  of the mother. Internal medicines along with treatments like abhayangam, ushma swedam.. patra podala swedam etc. are done according to the condition.



It is a full body massage with herbal oil which improves the peripheral circulation, prevents ageing, nourishes the body, provides good sleep, helps to maintain healthy skin and get relief from musculer aches and pain. The procedure is done by application of medicated lukewarm oil all over the body in seven different postures for a duration of 60 minutes.

Medicated steam bath

Some of the herbal leaves are boiled and steam is passed to whole body for 10-20 minutes within the steam chamber. The individual is made to sweat, it  remove all the impurities and toxins of the body, skin diseases,  reduce fat etc.

Head Massage

A traditional kerala Ayurvedic massage and the therapy technician applies herbal oil on the head and massage gentle movements and techniques. Ayurvedic head massage increases memory,give relief from head acheand it improves sleep quality.

Foot massage

This kind of massage is done with the hands and foots for duration of 60 to 90 minutes. This is Kerala’s traditional Ayurvedic massage which is excellent for rejuvination, relaxation, strengthen the muscles, improves general vigor and vitality.

Relaxation massage or Rejuvenation Massage

Ayurvedic relaxation massage or rejuvenation massage includes head massage, face massage and full body massage with medicated oil for duration of 90 minutes. It gives complete relaxation of body and mind.


Udwarthanam or powder massage is the application of medicated powder or paste all over the body against direction of hair follicles with a certain pressure in different postures for the duration of  45 to 60 minutes accumulated fat and adipose tissue and is useful in reducing weight, gives stability and strength, improves the skin tone etc. Duration – 45 to 60 minutes.


It is one of the special thereapy of Kerala. It is the combination of sudation and oleation process in which luke warm medicated oil is dipped and poured all over the body followed by gentle massage until the body is perspired in seven different postures for a duration of it is effective in neurological disorders, rheumatic disease, low back pain etc. and builds up immunity for a healthy life.

Njavara Kizhi

It is a sudation process in which njavara rice are cooked and filled in boluses made out of cotton cloths. These boluses are massaged over the body after liberal application of medicated oil. The rice used is cooked in cow’s milk and medicated oil. The boluses are then dipped in this mixture and applied all over the body. It is highly nourishing, rejuvenating and helps to improve the immunity. It is an effective treatment for arthritis, rheumatism, malnutrition of limbs etc. and also improves the lustre of skin.


It is a type of Sirodhara in which medicated butter milk is poured on the forehead in a rhythmic way for a duration of 60 minutes to 90 minutes. It is very effective for Insomnia, skin diseases, stress etc.


In this process medicated oil is poured continuously in a rhythmic manner for duration of 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Shiro abhyanga is done prior to the process and gentle massages are done during the process. It is mainly for stress, headache, Insomnia, loss of memory, neurological disorders etc.


Type of sirodhara in which medicated milk is poured in a rhythemic way on the forehead for a duration of 60  to 90 minutes. This is done for Insomnia, anxiety, nervourness etc.


It is a sudation process and abhyanga is done prior to this process. Body is made sweat by using bolus containing fried medicinal leaves, turmeric, pieces of lemon, garlic etc dipped into a vessel containing warm medicated oil and applied through out the whole body in seven different postures for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes. It is good for pain and stiffness of joints, arthritis, rheumation, neurological disorders etc.


It is a special treatment of Kerala in which herbal medicines are made into a paste and applied to the scalp and then the scalp is covered with lotus or banana leaves for a duration of 30 to 60 minutes. Prior to this treatment head massage is done with medicated oil, It is very effective treatment for Insomnia, depression, anxiety, hair fall etc.


It is a process in which a cap without top is made fitted on the head and medicated oil is poured on to its to a certain level. Made to retain the oil there for a duration of 30 to 45 minutes. It is useful in Insomnia, Paralysis, headaches etc.


Warm herbal oil is poured over the lower back of the patient and retained it for 45 to 60 minutes inside the herbal paste boundary. It lubricates the joints keeping them flexible and painfree. It is very useful in lowback pain, spondylosis, inter vetebral disc prolapsed, sciatica etc.


Warm medicated oil is poured on the chest inside the  herbal paste boundary and retained it there for 30 to 45 minutes. It is useful in chest congestion, bronchitis and it improves the heart function.


Specially prepared warm medicated oil is poured over the neck inside the herbal paste boundary and retained it there for a duration of 30 to 45 minutes. It is useful in cervical spondylosis, neck stiffness, pain and inflammatory conditions in the neck etc.


This is a panchakarma treatment in which oils or medicines and instilled into each nostrils alternately keeping the other one closed. Patient is asked to inhale well  so as to spread the medicine. Palm, Foot, face and shoulders are then massaged well and the patient is asked to spit. Prior to the nasal medication local application of oil followed by fomentation is done at the neck, face and shoulder. It is indicated in disease of ear, nose, throat, head and eyes. Also useful in facial paralysis, Sinusitis, migraine, mental disorders etc.


Intake of medicated ghee or oil for the preparation of the patient for the main panchakarma process. Medicine is given in the early morning in empty stomach and is allowed to drink medicated water to increase  the digestive power. Light diet like kanji is given at the time of appetite. Snehapanam will increase the digestive power and useful in gastric problems.


Vamana or emesis is one of the panchakarma treatment in which patient is subject to vomits after giving large quantity of milk mixed with vamana dravgas. It is useful in bronchial asthma, skin diseases, fever, cough etc.


It  this panchakarma treatment patient is subjected to snehana and swedana.  A single dose of strong purgative medicine is given to elimiate the vitiated doshas. After purgation light diet like kanji is given. It is the treatment for piles, splenic disorders, jaundice, intestinal parasites, gout etc.

Snehavasthi (Anuvasanam)

Snehavasthi or fat enema is the anal administration of medicated oil through a disposable syringe or vasthi yantra in a required amount. It is done before kashayavasti and effective treatment for neurological disorders.

Kashayavasti (Asthapanam) 

It is one of the main panchakarma tratment in which the medicated decoction is administered through the anus with the help of vastiyantra in a required quantity. It is very effective treatment for all neurological diseases.


In this process specially prepared medicated liquid (Dhanyamla) is poured all over the body in a specific manner for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes. It is very useful in weight reduction and increase the fat metabolism.


It is  done by application of herbal paste over the affected area and them covered by using medicinal herbal leaves. Then it is covered with cotton cloth bandaging. It is removed after few hours or as per requirement. It is very effective in localised swelling and pain, joint injuries, osteo arthritis etc.


A thick piece of cotton wool is soaked in warm medicated oil and is applied over the affected are  for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes. It is very effective in lowback pain, ostearthritis, sciation, spondylosis, injuries etc.

Face Pack (Mukha lepanam) 

Special herbal medicines are made into paste with medicated liquids and applied to the face for certain duration. After that face massages with medicated oils or creame and fomentations are done. It is useful in toning the facial muscles, makes the skin smooth and improves the colour and complexion.


Special medicated water and medicines are allowed to held in mouth for 10-30 minutes. It is effective treatment for weak gums, toothache, bad odour of mouth etc.

Choorna pinda swedanam-14DAYS  

It is a sudation process in which body is made sweat by using boluses containing powdered herbal drugs dipped in oils or dhanyamla or vapour and applied throughout the whole body in seven different postures for a duration of 45 to 60 minutes. It is very effective treatment for inflammation of joints, Rheumatic arthritis, osteo arthritis, etc.

Medicated Bath 

Special herbal leaves and medicines are boiled in water and that water is given for bathing. It removes all the impurities, makes the skin smooth and fresh.


The patient is allowed to inhale the fumes of medicated wick through each nostril alternatively, closed one nostril while inhaling through other and exhaled through the mouth. It is useful in diseases affecting the parts above the shoulders.

Sareera lepanam (herbal body pack) 

Herbal medicines are made into paste with medicated liquids and applied all over the body for required time. After that gentle massage is given. It improves the tone of the skin, makes the body feel cool, useful in skin diseases and good for complexion.

Netra tarpanam

A wall boundary is made around the eye socket with herbal paste and then medicated ghee is poured into it slowly with the eys closed. The the patient is asked to open the eyes slowly and, retain the drug for a required time. It is very effective threatment for eye diseases like loss of eye lashes, clouded vision, poor eye right etc and it relieves eye stain, improves the eye sight.

Netra  prakshalanam 

Medicated decodtion is made to flow from the medial canthus to lateral canthus of the eye. It cleanse and prevent the diseases in the eyes.

Sarvanga ksheera dhara

Medicated milk is poured all over the body and head with a special vessel from a certain height in a rhythmic manner. It is good for skin complexion, pitha dominant diseases, menopause problems etc.

Duration of treatment may vary according to the direction of the doctor and the process may change depending upon the patient's body condition. Final decision will be taken by the doctor after consultation.

Special Packages

Karkidaka Chikitsa

Ayurvedic Treatment centres in Kerala offers Karkidala Chikitsa treatments or ayurvedic monsoon treatments in the months of July and August every year.

Karkidaka Chikitsa (Monsoon treatments)

According to Ayurveda, the Malayalam month of Karkidaka is time for preventive therapies. The month Karkkidaka is known for rain and diseases.

Since Kerala (and India) is an agriculture society, the rain also forces people off fields and into their houses.

During this month, the climate is very damp, with lot of rains. People are prone to diseases of various kinds. In other words, human body becomes extremely sensitive to pathogens.

This period has long been identified as the period for preventive treatments and rejuvenation therapies. This is because, during this period human body will also be receptive to Ayurveda medicines.

The major therapies for Karkidaka month ( July 17th to August 16th) at Saatwika is one of the best Ayurvedic Treatment Center  for  Karkidaka Treatments in Trivandrum (Monsoon Treatments).

Summer Care Programmes

Seasonal treatment is very essential for the changes occuring in each season. It helps us to enjoy the season as well as to keep our body and mind healthy and to avoid many seasonal disorders. In ayurveda, it is mentioned under rituchariya. Our summer care programmes includes Vasantha and Greeshma ritucharya’s; which extend from Chaitra to Ashada months of Hindu Calender. Both Vasantha and Greeshma are Adana Kala or Uttarayana  in which both the sun and wind become very strong and powerful. This Uttarayana dries up and take away all the cooling qualities of the earth; hence this Adana Kala is Agneya in nature. In Vasantha Kapha will increase and causes kapha related diseases, diminishes the agni which decreases the digestive activity of the alimentary tract. Purificatory treatment like Vamana, Virechana, Nasya etc. are mentioned in ayurveda during this season. In Greeshma, the sun rays become more powerful, day after day and appears to be destructive, kapha decreases gradually and vata increases consequently, hence in this season physical exercise and exposure to sunlight should be avoided. Foods which are sweet, light (easy to digest), fatty, cold and liquid should be taken. Rice along with mamsa rasa should be eater syrup prepared from draksha, madhuka, gharjura etc can be taken. Juices and water kept at mudpots are good for drinking.


Oil massages (abhayanga) of various kinds are performed during this season, according to the age of persons. These massages give physical strength of the body. The medicated oil also passes the medicinal content straight into the bloodstream. Massages are part of rejuvenation therapies.

Karkidaka Kanji (the rice porridge)

Karkidaka Kanji is basically rice porridge with medicinally valuable herbs added. Karkikada kanji kit is available for purchase from different Ayurveda centers.

Sukha-chikitsa (preventive therapy)

Sukham means healthy state and chikitsa is therapy or treatment. Sukhachikitsa is given to healthy persons, to prevent diseases from attacking. Massages (abhayanga) and specially prepared kanji (rice porridge) are part of sukhachikitsa.Saatwika which practices scientific as well as tradiatioanal kerala ayurvedic treatments at in its trivandrum city Centre .  Specially packaged  Kerala Ayurvedic Rejuvenation package  are also available at the  Trivandrum  city Centre .

Rejuvenation programme

Ayurveda rejuvenation therapy is long process, lasting for many days, from 21 days up to 45 days. During rejuvenation therapy, the body is first cleaned off accumulated toxic materials (excess fat, chemicals, pathogens, etc). The accumulated body waste is called ama or body toxins.

The body is then strengthened with special medicines like Rasayanas and with medicated oil massages (abhayanga).

Rejuvenation therapy can also include full-scale panchakarma treatments. However, according to the age, physical and mental conditions, and other factors, the doctor may decide to omit one or more procedures of panchakarma treatment.

The month of Chingam (Leo) follows Karkidaka. Chingam is time of blooming, gaiety and general healthfulness. However, the month that precedes Chingam (karkidakam) is the month of diseases.

It includes treatments which decreases the vata and maintains the balance of doshas. Treatment may vary according to nature and body types of each person. Internal medicines and Panchakarma treatments like Njavarakizhy, Njavaratheppu, Ksheeradhara, Rejuvination massages, general body massage or abhyangam, medicated steam bath, Shirodhara, Shirovasthy, Snehavasthy etc. are given . Special diet and lifestyle modification are adviced durig these treatment.

(Summer Beauty Care Package)
It includes lepanam of harichandana or white sandal along with some special herbal medicines for smoothness and fairness of the skin. Special face pack and body pack are also given to prevent the roughness and rashes during the summer. These package also includes head massage with special medicated oil to prevent hair fall and dandruff.

Pain management clinic at Saatwika Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Trivandrum offers scientific check ups and specialised ayurvedic treatments for Back pain,Joint pain,Neck pain,Knee Joint pain and Arthritis.


Saatwika Healthy stay is a unit of  Saatwika ayurveda for healthy stay. This homestay is aproved by department of tourism,Government of Kerala.

In and around facilities available at Saatwika homestay in Trivandrum are:

Standard rooms and Family rooms with air conditioner and fan

Free wifi

Vegetarian/Ayurvedic diet on request


Roof garden

Yoga studio

Car parking

Cable Television

24 hour Doctor service

Kitchen facility for self cooking

Room Tariff

Standard Double Room A/C   1800 INR per night
Family Room A/C   2000 INR per night

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