Dr.Salini L S

Dr Salini L S is M D & Chief Physician, of Saatwika Ayurveda Treatment Centre, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. India Apart from being a consulting Ayurvedic Physician in Kerala, she is a Medical Content Writer at different blogs and Ayurvedic Faculty at Saatwika Ayurveda Academy. She is also honoured as- Director of Saatwika Ayurveda Academy, ( Affiliated to Bharath Sevak Samaj, National Development Agency promoted by Govt of India) Chair Person of Saatwika Ayurveda Research and Health Foundation.

Ayurvedic management for hyperthyroidism

Ayurvedic management of Hyperthyroidism

Are you constantly fatigued? Are you losing weight unusually? Are you often suffering from hot flashes? These unusual symptoms should be taken seriously. These are all signs that you may have a thyroid problem. Hyperthyroidism occurs when your thyroid gland produces excess thyroid hormone. Your organs need these hormones to function correctly, making you feel …

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