Ayurvedic Remedies for cough in babies

Ayurvedic Remedies For Cough in Babies

Cough or common cold is a very common disease in babies. Ayurvedic remedies for cough in babies are very effective and have no side effects.

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    What is Cough, An Ayurvedic Perspective

    In Ayurveda, Cough is termed Kasa roga.

    Ayurveda has a different concept from modern science.

    Cough is caused due to the imbalance of tridosha (Vata pitta and Kapha ). Mainly Vata(air) in the chest get blocked due to its vitiation or with vitiated Kapha(phlegm) and causes difficulty in breathing and irritation in the throat and chest to produce a sound which is Kasa or cough. It starts with blocking Apana Vata in the digestive tract, which gives an upward movement of Apana Vata, which in turn vitiates Udana Vata in the chest.

    Different Types of Cough

    Cough is of 5 types according to Ayurveda.

    1. Vataja (dry cough)
    2. Pittaja (cough due to bacterial or viral infections)
    3. Kaphaja(productive cough)
    4. Kshathaja (cough due to trauma or injury to the chest)
    5. Kshayaja (cough which results in wasting of body tissue like tuberculosis)

    This condition may happen to both adults and kids.

    Ayurveda has effective treatments for cough and related problems. Herbal medicines and panchakarma therapies like Vamana(emesis) and Nasya(nasal drops) are given to cleanse the sputum collected on the lungs and respiratory tract. However, only take classical Ayurveda medicines after consulting a qualified Ayurveda doctor.

    Management of cough in kids

    Ayurvedic herbal medicines are safer for children as they have no chemicals.

    Suppose your child has a little throat pain or an allergic, dry cough. Do not panic; take care of them properly.

    Care for infants having a cold and cough.

    Cover the baby’s head, chest and body adequately.

    Do not give a head bath for a few days till the phlegm reduces.

    Turn off the air conditioner if the temperature is manageable. Too much hot or cold temperature is not suitable for the child during cough and cold.

    Ayurveda suggests giving easily digestible foods and herbal medicines, ginger tea Etc. Suitable for reducing the mother’s sputum and cough, the baby will get the essence of medicines through breast milk. Breast milk itself is considered to be good medicine for an immunity boost.

    Moreover, if the symptoms persist, immediately consult a paediatrician.

    After 1yr, kids are given simple herbal juices mixed with honey according to the condition in the initial stages.

    Holy basil juice, half teaspoon with half teaspoon honey, is among them.

    Ginger juice 2ml with 5ml honey is also given.

    For any cough in children after 1yr, honey is a good choice. Honey is said to be one of the best medicine for reducing sputum and cough.


    1. Do not give any cold items to eat or drink .warm foods and drinks will be better.
    2. Proper rest is needed for kids during cough and cold as they may be tired.
    3. Drinking warm water throughout the day will keep them hydrated.
    4. Give food only when the kid feels hungry.
    5. Do not promote overeating or avoid heavy foods.
    6. Avoid exposure to extreme climates like cold and hot.
    7. Do not give a head bath.
    8. As the whole problem starts from the gut, Ayurveda also recommends dietary modification for the digestive system. Light foods that can be digested easily are advisable until the digestive fire strengthens. Light nourishing foods can be given in small quantities to children. Do not give heavy food or junk food.
    9. Light nourishing soups are also good.

    Home remedies for Cough in Babies

    For children having colds and coughs, steam inhalation is also good.

    Boil water with 1tsp Himalayan salt pinch of turmeric and mint leaves, basil leaves, or eucalyptus leaves is good to open nostrils and relieve chest congestion.

    If the child drinks milk, stop giving it in case of productive cough as it may increase the problem; however, if the child is not having lactose intolerance and is having a dry cough. Then you can give golden milk.

    For making golden milk, one glass of milk is added with one glass of water, cook it and heat it till it becomes 1glass then add half a teaspoon turmeric, 2gm dry ginger powder, one pinch of cinnamon powder and a pinch of black pepper, cook it for two more minutes. And can be given to kids. This drink increases immunity and reduces cough and cold. It is suitable for dry cough.

    Ginger tea is lovely preparation which can be given at home for the initial stage of cough and throat pain.

    Boil two glasses of water with half teaspoon ginger, holy basil 5 to 7 leaves, half teaspoon cinnamon, half teaspoon black pepper, half teaspoon crushed coriander, palm jaggery five teaspoons, mix it well and heat it for 5 minutes. After that, keep this for cooling. After that, add 1tsp honey, and your ginger tea is ready. It can be given 2 to 4 times per day according to the condition.

    Most of the cough and cold go away with simple home remedies and medicines. Still, if it is not going or is associated with fever and infection, you have to consult the nearest doctor to avoid complications. Children’s cough may suddenly become pneumonia if not taken care of properly.

    If the child has any of the symptoms, consult a doctor immediately

    • Having difficulty breathing with a wheezing sound.
    • Having a high-temperature fever.
    • Coughing continuously many times with high sound
    • The sputum of cough turns from white to yellow or green.
    • Seeing blood stain in sputum
    • Nail buds or lips becoming blackish.

    If the child has any of these symptoms, please consult a paediatrician immediately. 

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