Ayurvedic Treatment For Stress in Kerala

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Stress in Kerala. Ayurvedic Treatments are very effective to manage stress and anxiety. Consult with our doctor for a personalised package.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Stress in Kerala.

Stress is common now, but the way we tackle them is the key to success in life. Saatwika Offers pure Ayurvedic treatment for stress, in Kerala Centre. This destress package or stress management package is tailormade.

What is Stress?

Ayurvedic treatment for stress in Kerala

 The body has a natural effort to adjust to external or internal stimuli that tend to produce strain or disequilibrium of the body and mind.

Such physiological and psychological efforts of the body are termed stress.

Stress is experienced for everyone at many points in day-to-day life.

This is not only for humans but also for every living being in this World. 

Types of Stress

There are two kinds of stress.

One type is called ‘eustress’ because the self creates it after engaging in activities like playing, working, sex, etc.

The second kind is the unusually prolonged and recurrent occurrence of stressful conditions, which can inevitably cause damage to the body as well as the mind.

It is termed as ‘distress’. While eustress is considered healthy, distress is just the opposite of it.

We usually use the term ‘stress’ for this second type called ‘distress’.

Distress can be of two types, mainly depending on onset and duration. 

1. Acute distress.

2. Chronic distress.

Acute distress is sudden in origin like accidents, trauma, assault, illness, mental torture, valuables, loss of close ones etc.

This leads to a kind of mental state of grief and variable symptoms.

This may last for some days and may leave post-traumatic stress disorder complications. Anxiety and depression are the major symptoms, insomnia, headache, restlessness, lack of concentration etc.

The World faces the second type, which can be rightfully called a lifestyle disease, which is chronic distress (or simply ‘Stress according to lay man’s vocabulary).

This needs some serious insights. 

Because it affects the very meaning of a healthy and satisfying life, numerous factors contribute immensely to developing such stress.

The fast culture of life, change to white-collar jobs which demands many person-hours for a handful of salary, the family problems, financial issues, social environment, etc., can create stress.

When proper rest is not given to the body and mind due to overloaded work, the more than capacity work burden creates negative mental attributes and immense stress.

The stress creating news from many parts of the World like wars, children abuse, drug abuse etc., can cause stress. The over concern about the body health and assuming to have many diseases themself is another cause.

This is due to the lack of proper knowledge and easy accessibility to information anytime using the internet. 

The attitude and behaviour of colleagues seniors and our attitude and behaviour to others are also factors of stress creation. Lack of satisfaction and never-ending run behind worldly desires creates stress in some people. The strained relationships or inability to create good relationships also cater to stress formation.

Stress manifests in the body by various responses like anxiety, depression, anger, fear, grief, emotional outbursts, insomnia, restlessness, headache, muscle fatigue, sweating, hypoglycaemia, hypertension, respiratory discomforts, and succumbing to addictions like alcohol, tobacco, substance abuse etc. 

Stress in Ayurvedic View

Ayurveda says ‘mana shareeram parasparam anuthapayathi’ means body and mind are interrelated.

Discomforts to the body can create stress in the mind and vice versa. Similarly, diseases also affect the body and mind simultaneously.

Five Indriyas (sense organs) due to their karma affects the mind, leading to stress both to mind and body.

So the major way to keep stress in control is to control the mind and Indriyas and divert them from stress creating an environment.

Still, it’s impossible for everyone, so we have to adopt various measures to keep the mind and sense organs detached from stress aetiologies.

Also, treatment plans are needed to tackle stress-related disorders of both mind and body.

Ayurveda describes the stress and various diseases, especially psychiatric diseases like Unmada and Apasmara.

Klama Is the word commonly used for Stress in Ayurveda, although mentioned with many other names in different contexts. 

How to Manage Stress in an Ayurvedic way?

Ayurvedic Way of Managing Stress

Complete rescue from stress for the whole life is not possible with any treatment systems.

An integrated approach to tackle the stress conditions is needed.

Ayurvedic treatments, Yoga therapy, counselling, hobbies, travelling, etc., can positively impact stress and related conditions. 

The foremost thing is to have awareness about stress and why it needs to be tackled.

Persons having this awareness needs no treatment but can rescue themself easily.

At times, support and care during stress and counselling pave the way for redemption from stress in some persons. 

As far as Ayurveda is concerned, ‘Satwavajaya chikitsa’ or treatment to win over the mind is advocated at first.

Counselling, care, support, protection, rehabilitation etc., comes under this.

Then treatments like snehapana in which medicated ghritha/ ghee like Kalayanakam ghritham can be used wisely to treat stress-related psychological manifestations.

Due to its properties, ghee reaches the brain easily and increases intellect, and longevity helps greatly reduce stress.

Medicines to treat insomnia can be advised.

Treatments like Shirodhara or the application of oils on the forehead in a narrow stream can be done.

Oils selected can have the property of cold potency.

It helps in calming down and bring the patient back to normalcy.

Other treatment options like Shiro abhyanga (head massage), pada abhyanga (foot massage) or full body abhyanga can also be adopted.

These treatments stimulate the nervous system. Internal medications can also be prescribed. 


 The next major line of treatment is the adoption of Yogic practices.

Daily engagement in Yoga, especially Pranayama, is highly beneficial to reduce stress and improve concentration.

Yoga advises daily dhyana or chanting, proper concentration in karma, expansion of awareness, asanas or postures, etc., in tackling stress and the most important part- Pranayama.

Various pranayama and Yoga asanas are to be practised, which have immense potential in reducing stress.

Yoga mostly focuses on correcting mental attributes and, from there, correcting physical abnormalities.

Karma yoga advocates work in bliss and action in relaxation. Jnana yoga advocates spiritual discourses, health awareness, counselling etc.

Rajayoga advocates expansion of awareness, dhyana, group activities and devotional sessions.

Kundalini yoga advocates Pranayama or breathing exercises. Hatha yoga advocates various postures or asanas, cardiopulmonary exercises, dietary modifications etc. 

Mind Relaxing Activities

Indulging in mind relaxing activities like travelling, reading, pet care, household works, hobbies, hanging out, being surrounded by well-wishers, daily exercises, praying, religious worships, writing, hearing songs, eating healthy food, etc. simple ways to tackle stress. 

Being healthy by a proper daily regimen

Being physically healthy is another important aspect of stress management.

If illnesses are there, the stress will be an ever companion in our life. Warding off diseases by maintaining a healthy body is necessary.

Proper adoption of Dinacharya or daily regimen, Ritucharya or seasonal regimen etc., as mentioned in Ayurveda, helps this objective. Ayurveda exclusively mentions ‘Sadvritta’ and ‘Aachara Rasayana’ to maintain mental health to optimum levels. 

Vagbhata, a pioneer seer in Ayurveda, mentions in his coveted book Ashtanga Hridaya that adopting a line of approach to everything in our life is the middle path only. ‘Sarva dharmeshu madhyama’. Such an approach itself can help escape from stress creating factors. In a fast-moving society like ours, adopting a middle path has tremendous advantages. Stress will be an inevitable phenomenon, but how we tackle it is the key to success in life.

ayurvedic Treatment packages for Stress or Destress package in Kerala

Ayurvedic Destress Package in Kerala

Our stress, anxiety and depression management package are one of the best Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala. 

The Package includes Herbal Medicines and therapies like Abhyanga, Shiro abhyanga, Pada abhyanga, Shirodhara, Thalapothichil, etc.

The duration of the treatment is 7 days to 21 days depending upon the condition. 

There will be a special diet and meditation or yoga therapies as part of the treatment.

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