Ayurvedic Treatment for Post delivery care in Trivandrum Kerala

Prasavaraksha Treatment Packages

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    Ayurvedic Post Delivery Care or Ayurveda Prasavaraksha Treatment in Trivandrum

    Ayurvedic Treatment for post delivery care in trivandrum ( Prasavaraksha treatment)

    The Ayurvedic approach towards motherhood that is pregnancy and childbirth is a holistic one.

    We package the best Ayurvedic treatments for pre-delivery care and post-delivery care, Prasava Raksha treatment in Trivandrum Kerala.

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    Our Post Delivery Care Packages

    We have two types of prasavaraksha treatment packages.

    1. Ayurvedic Treatment for post-delivery care (Prasavaraksha) at home.
    2. Ayurvedic Treatment for Post delivery care in Trivandrum Centre. 

    We have efficient and experienced staff to provide the best post-delivery treatments.

    Prasavaraksha Package and rate in our Trivandrum Centre

    Basic package

    1. Abhyangam (full body oil massage)
    2. Lepanam (application of herbal paste to remove stretch marks and give complexion)
    3. Vethukulli (traditional herbal bath and steam giving ) Read more about vethukuli

    4. Udara veshtanam or Abdominal binding

    Complementary services and beauty care treatments included

    1. Head massage and hair pack
    2. Ayurvedic facial
    3. Bodypack
    4. Baby Massage
    5. Baby bath

    Our Prasavaraksha package rate starts at 25,000 INR per week including stay, and food for the mother and bystander.

    Oral medicine charges up to 2000 INR for 14 days

    In addition to basic packages from the 2nd week onwards, other treatment procedures are also given according to the mother’s health condition.

    Back pain and joint pain management

    1. Elakizhi
    2.  Podikizhi
    3.  Kashaya Dhara

    Stress-free package 

    1 Shirodhara with oil for the head
    2.Kashaya dhara for body

    Weight reduction treatment 

    1. Udwarthanam (powder massage)
    2. Dhanyamladhara
    3. Avikizhi

    For 2 weeks, the total charge with treatments for mother and baby, accommodation and food including bystanders is 45,000 INR

    Per week it will be 25,000 INR

    A minimum of 7 days to 28 days of treatments are required.

    Features and Facilities

    • Treatments for mother and baby
    •  Organic chemically-free food for mothers and bystanders
    • Meals with nutritious food are planned according to individual body types and health conditions.
    • Natural and safe oral medicines to regain the health of the mother and increase milk production if needed.
    • Lady doctor consultation every day

    Prasavaraksha Home Service Package

    We have home service also for post-delivery care within Trivandrum city limits.
    14 days to 28 days of services are available.
    The rate is 10000 INR per week.
    We take bookings for minimum of 14 days onwards.

    Prenatal Care or Pre-delivery care in Ayurveda, Some important facts

    Prenatal Care

    Prenatal care or pre-delivery care is important as these determine the quality of the foetus.

    The base of prenatal care in ayurveda is the quote from Charaka Samhita which states that “If a pregnant woman is taken care of as advised, she will give birth to a child who doesn’t have any diseases- a healthy, physically strong, radiant, and well-nourished baby. He will be superior to all in the race”

    Prenatal pregnancy Care - Correct behavioural patterns

    lifestyle of a prenatal woman
    • Simple exercises, proper diet, and a healthy lifestyle are the important factors that determine a healthy pregnancy. These can help both the mother and the baby.
    • A balanced diet is essential as the digestive fire in most of the case is weakened during this phase. This can give strength and health to the growing foetus.
    • During the last stage of pregnancy there are certain procedures that help in lubrication of the delivery passage thereby facilitating an easy delivery. This makes labour pains easier to bear.
    • Emotional status of both the parents before and after conception is important for a good progeny.

    General rules From the Inception of Pregnancy to delivery

    The mother-to-be should:

    • Always be in a pleasant state of mind
    • Be neat, clean and well-dressed
    • Wear simple clothes and avoid wearing bright colours
    • Be in a clean environment
    • Wear light and loose comfortable clothes
    • Get a good night’s sleep
    • Take foods that are light, nutritious and easily digestible
    • Lie on the left side
    • Take ghee in small amount in 4th,5th,6th months of gestation take bath in lukewarm water

    The mother-to-be should always avoid:

    • Sleep during the daytime in the early stages of pregnancy
    • excessive sex especially during early and late pregnancy
    • Overeating or fasting
    • Staying awake at night
    • Tight clothes and tight belts
    • Seeing or listening to things which induce a feeling of sorrow, anger, horror or agony
    • Travelling on rough roads
    • Squatting for a long time
    • Sitting in an uncomfortable position or on a hard surface
    • Lifting heavy objects
    • Remaining in a bending position for a long time
    • Oleation massage unless indicated mostly indicated after 7th month
    • Suppressing natural urges
    • Dry, stale, heavy, hot or strong pungent foods
    • Alcohol
    • Avoid lying on your back
    • Use of fermented medications like arishtas
    • Prolonged standing for a long time
    • Use of saffron in an early stage of pregnancy

    These are in preventive aspect, Ayurveda also describes garbhopadravas which are the diseases that are peculiar to pregnancy. They are as follows 

    1. Nausea
    2. Anorexia
    3. Vomiting
    4. Dryness of mouth
    5. Fever
    6. Oedema
    7. Anaemia
    8. Diarrhoea
    9. Retention of urine

    We also treat other common health problems during pregnancy like

    Treatment of these is also elaborately described.

    As far as possible internal medication should be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy.

    Ayurveda stresses the importance of safe motherhood, proper formation of the foetus, its development without anomalies, comfortable full-term delivery and maintenance of the health of the mother.

    Ayurvedic Post-delivery Care For Mother And Baby (Prasavaraksha treatment), an Overview

    We at Saatwika Ayurveda Treatment Centre offers the best Ayurveda packages for post-delivery care in Trivandrum for mother and child.

    The postnatal period or puerperium is called “Sutika Kala”.

    The duration of sutika kala is usually 1 – 1 ½ month (forty-five days).

    Postnatal care or Sutika paricharya is of great importance in a mother as it is during this stage she restores her health.

    The first three months after delivery is very important for the mother as this is the period in which she is to get back the physical fitness that she had and proper lactation.

    During this period, the expanded uterus shrinks back to normal position, ligaments, muscles and tendons associated with the uterus start gaining back the lost power.

    Motherhood is a joyous moment in a women’s life.

    But this is possible if her health is taken care of during the postnatal period.

    In Ayurveda, the traditional therapies, treatments and health supplements are given to the care of the mother.

    A special diet plan is recommended for this period to restore the loss of the reproductive fluids, dhatus, and blood during pregnancy and delivery.

    The digestive fire of the sutika will be altered hence food should be light and it should also be nourishing.

    Proper adherence to this regimen is essential for faster recuperation and restoration of the health of the mother.

    Adequate care and prescribed regimen ensure that the mother regains her figure and health akin to that of her pre-pregnancy days.

    Major aims of ayurvedic post-delivery care

    According to Ayurveda after the delivery, Agni is hampered and Vata is vitiated.

    So the care is mainly aimed at correction of these.

    • Restoration of Agni (digestive fire)
    • Normalisation of vata
    • Optimisation of quality of breast milk
    • To avoid exertion
    • Diet should be very light
    • To correct the Vata, oil massages are recommended
    • To prevent complaints during sutika kala such as UTI, Backache, loss of appetite etc.

    Post-delivery Care Treatment Or Prasavaraksha treatment Plan and Procedures

    External care to correct the vitiated Vata some special treatments are needed.

    It includes

    • Abhyangam (full body oil massage) with Dhanwantaram kuzhambu, Pindatailam etc. (It helps to strengthen the lower back, hip area, joints, muscles and tendons)
    • Avagaha (sitz bath)with water boiled with Nalpamaradi patta
    • Tummy care or udara veshtanam

    These external therapies are done in the case of a caesarian only after complete healing of the wound

    • Fumigation of the rooms should be done
    • Water boiled with ginger and corriander can be given to drink in small quantities
    • Natural urges should not be suppressed
    • Avoid loud speech, long walks, strenuous activities
    • Get enough rest, that is 3 months in case of normal delivery and 4-5 months in case of CS delivery
    • Avoid sex for first 3 months

    Dietetics for lactating mother

    • Avoid intake of canned foods, hot, pungent, and spicy foods as these decrease milk secretion
    • The best diet is a simple vegetarian menu
    • Ghee should be taken in adequate quantities to facilitate digestion, evacuation of bowels, nourishment of tissues, to subdue vitiated Vata dosha
    • Tempered onion, garlic, cumin, and turmeric in ghee can be given

    6 Important Tips for Lactating mother

    1. Avoid exposure to pollution and infectious climatic conditions as any infection to mother can easily be transferred to the child during the lactation period
    2. Care should be taken while taking drugs during lactation
    3. Breastfeeding should be stopped in case of breast abscess when milk is infected. It should be squeezed out and discarded to avoid further congestion
    4. Semi-solid foods must be started from the age of four months
    5. Gradually breastfeeding should be stopped and child should be given solid food from the age of one year
    6. If milk secretion is more than required, extra milk should be squeezed out to prevent congestion and thereby breast abscess

    10 Home remedies to increase breast milk

    1. Breastfeed the baby frequently in an interval of around 2 hours
    2. Plenty of fluids- breast milk quantity reduces when the body is dehydrated
    3. Rest and relaxation
    4. Adding oatmeal to diet
    5. Remove the pacifier- the more the baby sucks the nipple the more the milk
    6. Diet should contain sweet potato, asparagus, carrots, peas, green leafy vegetables
    7. Herbs like fenugreek, alfalfa, milk thistle assist in the production of breast milk
    8. Smoking should be avoided
    9. Nuts like cashew, almond, etc promote breast milk
    10. Powder of asparagus racemosa (satavari) can be taken in the dose of 1gm daily along with milk to maintain the quality of lactation

    Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala help to treat all types of after-pregnancy problems.

    Common post-pregnancy problems are back pain, weight gain, insomnia, and depression.

    Have a look at the treatments we provide at our ayurvedic treatment centre in Trivandrum.

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    Authored by Dr.Salini.L.S

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