Udwarthanam -dry massage a herbal Ayurvedic Treatment

Udwarthanam A herbal Powder Massage Treatment in Ayurveda

Are you worried about excessive weight gain, sweating, and bad body odour? Do you want to increase the skin complexion and red solution to this.? Udwarthanam, the Ayurvedic herbal massage treatment has the answer to the above problems.

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    Let’s discuss the tips and guides for the Udwarthanam treatment procedure.

    What is Udwarthanam?

    Udwarthanam is an Ayurvedic therapeutic procedure where the powder of different drugs is used for massaging the body.

    It is a deep tissue massage in which the strokes are applied with pressure in the direction opposite to hair follicles.

    Udwarthanam can be considered a body toning program where the physician prescribes the application of herbal powder with or without oil.

    The word  “udwarthanam” can be split into two word “urdhwa,” which means upward and “Varthanam,” which means to move. Udwarthanam thus means “to elevate” or “to move in an upward direction.”

    The procedure acts as an external oleation  (snehana) and fomentation (swedana) therapy and is done for 30- 45 minutes for 5- 7 days and as prescribed by the physician.

    Even though this therapeutic procedure is commonly known for its weight reduction properties, it has curative and preventive aspects.

    By this procedure, the vitiated Kapha and Vata dosha returns to the optimum level, reducing weight, activating the blood flow, increasing the skin complexion and tone, etc.

    It is considered an external non-invasive therapy and must be performed with utmost care with the guidance of an Ayurvedic physician.

    Types of Udwarthanam

    Udwarthanam is a deep tissue massage by rubbing herbal powders over the body with or without using oil or ghee.

    Based on these criteria, whether the powder is used alone or not, udwarthanam can be classified into two categories:

    Singhda Udwarthanam- Utsadana

    In this type of udwarthanam, the herbal powder is mixed with medicated oil or ghee and made into a paste. 

    After doing abhyanga, apply this paste to the body by rubbing it in a direction opposite to the hair follicles.

    This is usually done in weak patients, female patients, patients with sensitive skin, and patients with dry skin to improve the skin’s glow, complexion, and immunity.

    Ruksha Udvwarthanam – Udgharshana

    In this type of udwarthanam, the herbal powder is directly rubbed over the body in a direction opposite to hair follicles.

    This is usually done in patients with excessive Kapha aggravation, reducing the fat and cellulite in the subcutaneous tissues when the skin is too oily when the body has a bad odour, etc.

    Fourteen Amazing benefits of Udwarthanam 

    Udwarthanam can be done as part of daily routine(dinacharya), a non-invasive therapy that is affordable even to the common people.

    This procedure is mainly advised for the pacification of Kapha dosha and weight reduction, but it has other therapeutic and preventive benefits.

    The benefits of udwarthanam are as follows

    1. It is a safe, non-invasive, cost-effective treatment with no side effects.
    2. It stimulates the nervous system and nerve endings. Hence it is advised in the treatment of neurological disorders.
    3. It helps in reducing Kapha and Vata dosha.
    4. It helps to reduce excess fat and cellulite in the body.
    5. It eliminates bad body odour.
    6. Helps in the detoxification of the body through the process of sweating.
    7. It improves skin complexion, lustre glows, and regenerates the skin cells.
    8. It improves the stability of body parts and increases muscle tone.
    9. It is commonly used for skin diseases like itching.
    10. It helps in the reduction of weight and strengthens the body tissue.
    11. It opens up the blood vessels and lymphatic system and enables the circulation of nutrients and oxygen.
    12. It raises temperature locally by continuous friction.
    13. It increases the secretion and absorption capacities of the skin.
    14. It influences the general metabolism of the body.

    Diseases Treated by Udwarthanam

    Udwarthanam is commonly used in the treatment of Kapha dosha vitiation. The common diseases that this treatment can be advised are:

    • Obesity and related diseases.
    • High cholesterol.
    • Diabetes and its complications.
    • Skin diseases like psoriasis.
    • Metabolic syndrome.
    • Excessive sleep and drowsiness.
    • Nervous disorders, motor neuron diseases, parkinsonism, hemiplegia.
    • Neuromuscular disorders.
    • Muscular dystrophy.
    • PCOS
    • Hypothyroidism.
    • To tone up the abdomen after delivery and remove the marks.
    • Rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica.
    • Menstrual disorders in women.

    Which Powder is used for udwarthanam?

    The common powders used for udwarthana are:

    • Kolakulathadi choornam
    • Kulatha choornam.
    • Kottamchukkadi choornam.
    • Triphala choornam.
    • Besan powder.
    • Yava choorna
    • Mocharasa churna.
    • Karpuradi choornam.

    What are the procedures of udwarthanam?

    Even though it is a simple external therapy, it should be performed under a physician’s consultation by a trained therapist. 

    A physical examination must be carried out before the procedure.

    The treatment procedure can be divided into the pretreatment, treatment, and post-treatment.

    Pre Treatment Procedure

    • Examine the patient thoroughly and choose the herbal powder according to the patient’s condition.
    • The patient is asked to lie down on the table.

    Treatment Procedure

    • Medicated herbal powder with or without oil is taken in a bowl.
    • It is rubbed in the body in a synchronized manner simultaneously on both sides of the body to maintain uniformity.
    • The herbal powder is rubbed uniformly instead of the hair follicles, from below upwards.
    • In the upper limbs, the powder is rubbed from the hands towards the shoulder, covering the forearm and arms.
    • In the lower limbs, the powder is rubbed from the foot towards the hip in a synchronized manner covering the legs, thighs, and butts.
    • In the abdomen, the powder is rubbed clockwise, altered with an anti-clockwise direction. Rubbing from the pubic area to the lower border of the rib cage with side-to-side strokes is practiced for better results.
    • Over the chest, the powder is rubbed from below upwards and mixed with side-to-side strokes for better results.
    • While massaging the neck, take care of this region because important blood vessels pass through this region.
    • The treatment is done in seven different positions, such as 
    1. The patient is sitting on the massage table with their leg extended.
    2. Supine position.
    3. Left lateral position.
    4. Prone position.
    5. Right lateral position.
    6. Supine position.
    7. Patient sitting with leg extended.

    Post Treatment Procedures

    • The patient’s body is cleaned with a clean cloth to remove the powder and paste.
    • After the udwarthana procedure, if necessary, do fomentation for a specific period.
    • The patient is asked to take a rest for one hour.
    • They are advised to take a bath in hot water.
    • Eat a light meal and drink plenty of warm water.

    Precautions to be taken during Udwarthanam 

    Care must be given while performing this procedure.

    Avoid udwarthanam treatment in the below conditions

    • If there is inflammation, redness, rise in temperature, burning sensation, etc.
    • Diseases with severe pain.
    • If there are wounds, cuts, and burns in the body.
    • If the skin is too dry.
    • Old age, kids and infants, pregnant women.
    • In oozing skin conditions like eczema etc.

        If the skin is too sensitive or dry, add oil or ghee while performing the procedure.

        If the skin is too oily, use the medicated powder alone for the procedure.

    Do’s and Don’ts during udwarthanam Treatment.

    Even though udwarthanam is an external therapy, care must be given while performing the procedure.

    • The patient is advised to take rest after the procedure.
    • Eat light meals and drink plenty of water.
    • Avoid heavy activities, heavy food items, etc.
    • Apply rasnadi choornam on the head after the procedure.
    • If necessary, do fomentation after the procedure.

    Udwarthanam is a safe and non-invasive therapy accessible even to the common people. If you want to reduce weight or increase the glow and skin complexion, you must try this treatment.

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