Vethukuli- Prasavaraksha Treatment

Vethukuli, A Traditional Ayurvedic Post Natal Treatment For mother

Are you worried about how your body will recover after delivery? The body can be brought back to its former state through the traditional Kerala Ayurvedic treatment of Vethukuli

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    Are you a new mom? 

    Have you ever thought about the postpartum regimen practised in different parts of the world?

    Are you worried about increased body weight and different pains and issues after delivery? 

    Ayurveda, the holistic science, has a scientific solution to this. Vethukuli (post herbal water bath) and many other therapies like abdominal binding, massage, diet and asanas.

    The first 90 days after delivery is called sootika, and it is the time when the body needs utmost care. Performing these therapies helps to regain the strength of the body and mind.

    What is Vethukuli in Prasavaraksha Treatments?

    Vethukuli, or post herbal bath, is a medical therapy practised commonly in Kerala as a part of post-delivery care.

    It is the process in which the patient is allowed to take a bath with medicated hot water after applying oil to the body.

    Various medicated herbs are used for the preparation of this medicated water. The therapy is done with other postnatal treatments like abdominal binding, abdominal massage, post-delivery diet and yoga asanas. 

    All these treatment procedures act on the body and help regain the body’s strength and bring the pelvic organs back to position.

    Benefits of Vethukuli

    After delivery, the Vata dosha in the female body gets aggravated and causes various distress.

    Suppose the aggravated Vata dosha is not treated. In that case, it leads to different pain types and poorer recovery rates.

    It later leads to different comorbidities at a later stage of life.

    As per Ayurveda, childbirth causes an imbalance in the various doshas of the body as a large gap is created in the womb that was once occupied by the fetus.

    The child is a vigorous process and needs much exertion, which excites Vata. The vitiated Vata occupies the vacant space in the body and occupies the womb.

    Through vethukuli, the aggravated Vata dosha returns to normal as we use Vata pacifying herbs to prepare the water. The main benefits of vethukuli are:

    • Remove fatigue.
    • Provide strength to the body.
    • Pacify the Vata dosha in the body.
    • Cleans the uterine organs.
    • Strengthens the lower back, ligaments, muscles, tendons and joints of the body.
    • Soothes the skin.
    • Relieves body pain.
    • Increases the digestive fire.

    How Vethukuli helps to regain health?

    By practising vethkuli, the aggravated Vata dosha comes back to normalcy.

    This increases digestive fire, and breast milk production provides strength to the body and cleans the uterine organs.

    Vethukuli helps increase the overall health of the patient’s mind and body.

    VethuKuli Treatment Procedure

    The therapy usually starts 5 or 6 days after normal delivery and usually after 15 days for c-section women.

    Vethukuli Medicine Preparation


    Various vatahara herbs are used for the preparation of medicated water. 

    The herbs usually used in different parts of Kerala are:

    1. Nalpamaram- Ficus Carica, Ficus Infectoria, Ficus Religiosa & Ficus Bengalensis
    2. Guava leaf
    3. Ripened jackfruit leaf
    4. Mango leaf
    5. Silk cotton(poovarasu)
    6. Pualani
    7. Ungu(pongam leaf)
    8. Turmeric
    9. Turmeric leaf

    Various vatahara leaves can be used according to the availability of the leaves.

    Method of Preparation of Vethu

    1. The medicinal herbs are washed and cleaned.
    2. The required amount of water is boiled, and medicinal herbs are put into it.
    3. The water can be boiled on the previous day and used, or it should be boiled on that day itself.

    How to take post herbal bath

    Pre-treatment Procedure

    1. Massage(Abhanyga) the patient with dhanwantaram kuzhambu for 10 or 15 minutes. If there is pain, mix sahacharadi tailam along with dhanwantarm kuzhambu.
    2. For head oil, use the oil that is used regularly.
    3. Turmeric paste can also be applied on the body optionally.

    Therapy Procedure

    1. After 10 or 15 minutes, pour the medicated hot water into the body.
    2. Instead of soap, use green gram powder or Bengal gram powder.
    3. For the head, instead of shampoo, green gram powder must be used.

    Post Treatment Procedure

    1. Soon after the bath, apply rasnadi choornam on the head.
    2. The abdominal binding must be done to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
    3. The patient must take rest for at least one hour after the bath.

    How soon after the delivery, one can start Vethu kuli?

    Vetukuli must be started a few days after childbirth.

    It is advised to start the bath after 5 to 7 days post-birth for normal delivery.

    For c-section deliveries, it is advised to take a bath after the wound heals. If the wound doesn’t heal, tie a cloth on the c- section area and take a bath.

    Do’s and Dont’s during Vethukuli

    1. The patient must take complete rest during the postnatal period.
    2. A medicinal diet must be followed.
    3. Don’t use soap or other chemical ingredients.
    4. The abdominal binding must be done after the bath.

    Are there any Side effects for Vethukuli?

    Usually, there are no contraindications for vethukuli. If the child’s birth is by c-section, care must be taken until the wound heals.

     After the delivery, the child and mother must receive proper care and attention. Following these regimens can regain the body’s strength and soothe the skin.

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