Best Panchakarma Treatment in Trivandrum Kerala

Panchakarma Treatments in Kerala has a holistic approach to shed all the worries, anxieties and stress by means of authentic Ayurvedic medicines, scientific therapies and procedures.

Saatwika offers the best Panchakarma Treatment in our Trivandrum Centre, Kerala.

Best Panchakarma Treatments in Kerala

What is Panchakarma Treatments?

Panchakarma treatments in Kerala are the oldest medical system for detoxification and renutrifying  the entire body

Panchakarma treatments in Kerala have various curing methods and procedures.

Panchakarma Treatments helps to treat thousands of diseases.

It also helps in maintaining proper health.

Why Panchakarma Treatment in Kerala is Popular?

The speciality of Panchakarma Treatments in Kerala is that it not only provides disease cure but also enhances the social, mental, physical and spiritual well-being of the people.

It has developed many unique and highly successful devices of treatment.

Solid principles and precision treatment methods are devised for both internal and external medication.

Panchakarma Treatment is a unique approach of Ayurveda with five procedures for internal purification of the body through the nearest possible route.

These treatments allow the biological system to return to homeostasis and to rejuvenate rapidly and also facilitates the desired pharmaco-therapeutic effects of medicines administered thereafter.

Panchakarma has a full therapy role as the promotive, preventive and curative procedure.

What is Panchakarma or Five Procedures?

‘Pancha’ means five and ‘Karma’ means action or therapy. So, panchakarma means five actions or therapies. It is the speciality branch of ‘Kayachikitsa’, that deals with five major therapies, as well as preparatory procedures and post-operative procedures. The following are the five karmas of Panchakarma Treatments in Kerala.

Vamana Karma

Therapeutic emesis


Nasal administration


Therapeutic purgation

Rakta mokshana



Rectal administration

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