Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Kerala

The Pain Management Clinic of Saatwika offers you the best Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Kerala.

14 days to 28 days treatments are needed for Back pain according to the condition of the individual.

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Saatwika Ayurvedic Treatment Centre provides the most authentic Ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala at Trivandrum Centre. 

  • Pure Ayurveda, No Side Effects 
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    How does Our Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Kerala Help you?

    Back pain is now common after 40, both males and females.

    Our Package includes both internal medications and external therapies.

    Internal medications promote Agnideepthi or increase the digestive power of the body to cope with stronger medicines.

    The effective line of pain management includes painkilling along with treatment for the root cause.

    Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Kerala

    Benefits of Ayurvedic Treatments for back pain in Kerala

    • Relief From Pain
    • Relief From inflammation and Sciatica
    • Regaining the strength and movement of the backbone
    • Healing injuries and sprain of back muscles
    • Maintenence and proper alignment if spine bones and discs
    • The long-lasting results with minimal recurrence
    • get back to a normal and stress free life

    Online Consultation for Back pain Treatment

    If you are looking for ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala? Consult with our doctor online.

    Why it is The Best Ayurvedic treatment for Back pain in Kerala?

    Look at the features and the Way of Treatments that help you to manage the pain and provide a long-lasting cure for Back Pain.

    Herbal Medicines

    All of our medicines are pure herbal and no side effects.

    Scientific Diagnosis

    Treatments are advised only after scientific diagnosis.

    Proven Therapies

    We have proven therapies for better results.

    Personalized Packages

    Our packages are unique and custom made

    Testimonials for our ayurvedic Treatment for back pain in Kerala

    See What Our Customers Say about our Back Pain Treatment in Trivandrum  Kerala Center

    Percy-john Weibel


    " Everything in this place was just very nice and friendly, clean, professional. The prices are fair and the treatment was just perfect, very helpful for our backpain- and stoma problems. As a swiss cycling-couple we are travelling since already 2 years and really can recommend this place to everyone"

    " Perfect place to get rid of back pain. It worked for me."

    Subitha S R

    Varna Elegent Wear Trivandrum

    Ullas Chandran BP


    " The best centre for back pain treatment .I had severe back pain and took 14 days treatment at Saatwika ayurveda treatment centre.Now i am able to live a normal life without any difficulties.Highly recommend for ayurvedic treatments."

    What is Back Pain?

    Back pain is one of the most haunting disease conditions nowadays globally. 

    Before describing the different Ayurveda treatment procedures for back pain in Kerala, let’s have a look at what is bach pain or backache.

    Mild or severe pain felt over the back of the body, starting from base of neck to lower end of back is often called back pain.

    Although pain anywhere in the back is known as back pain, usually it is connected to the vertebral column or the attached muscles.

    • It may be a dull ache or a strain like feeling.
    • Some times feels very stiff with catching pain.
    • Sometimes excruciating or unbearable pain may be felt according to the type of problem.

    What are the Different types of back pain?

    According to the area of pain, we can classify back pain into two.

    • Upper and Middle Back Pain
    • Lower Back Pain

    .According to the onset of pain, back pain is again classified into two

    • Acute  Back Pain
    • Chronic Back Pain
    Types of Back Pain

    Upper and Middle Back Pain

    The pain felt over the back from below the base of the neck to the middle of the shoulder plate is upper back pain.

    The pain felt below that part till the last rib cage bones meet the spine part or backside of the upper belly is the middle back pain.

    This part of the spine is known as the thoracic spine it has 12 vertebrae.

    So in this type of back pain, the most affected part is the thoracic spine and associated structures.

    Lower Back Pain

    It is the pain felt just below the thoracic area, from the backside of the upper belly to lower part of the back.

    The problems affecting the lumbar spine and associated structures are the main reasons for lower back pain.

    The pain sometimes radiates  to hip, sacroiliac joints and also to legs

    Generally speaking low back pain is the mild to severe pain that felt in the lower lumbar and sacral spines

    Saatwika Ayurveda Treatment Centre has the best Ayurvedic treatment for lower back pain in the Trivandrum centre, Kerala.

    Acute Back Pain

    Acute pain occurs suddenly due to injury, damage, sprain etc And lasts for a few days to a few weeks.

    If the cause is not so strong then heals naturally by the body.

    Pain last as long as the healing process continues.

    Chronic Back Pain

    Chronic back pain develops gradually and remains for months to years if remained untreated.

    It  usually requires proper medical treatments to get corrected joints and also to legs

    Thorough medical check-up, observation and treatment needed in this case.

    Another prominent classification of low back pain are

    1. Mechanical pain

    2. Radicular pain

              Mechanical pain is due to mechanical injuries of spines, joints, ligaments etc. This tends to restrict the movements of the spine.

    Radicular pain is due to compression of nerves or injuries to spinal nerves.  The pain is mostly radiating and usually follows a dermatome. Burning type of pain is the characteristic of this type.

    If you are facing any of these symptoms, then consult with our doctor and get your treatment package for Ayurvedic treatment for back pain in Kerala.

    What are the major reasons for lower back pain?

    1.The main reasons for low back pain include Various spine problems like

    • Scoliosis
    • Osteoporosis
    • Osteoarthritis spine
    • Osteomyelitis
    • Lumbar spondylosis
    • Intervertebral disc prolapse
    • Spinal tumours
    • Fibromyalgia,
    • Paget’s disease,
    • Ankylosing spondylitis
    • Spinal stenosis
    • Sciatic neuritis

    2.Muscular sprains and strains.

    3.Kidney infections like pyelonephritis.

    4.Fractures of the spine due to falls or trauma or road traffic accidents.

    5.Inflammatory joint diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

    6.Overweight and obese.

    7.Improper posture maintenance for long periods.

    The second common reason for the rise in low back pain is related to the highest incidence of spine degenerative diseases.

    This is associated with hormonal changes, dietary deficiencies, and systemic diseases.

    The third primary reason lies in various traumas that cause reversible or irreversible damage to the spine: sports injuries, occupational hazards, road traffic accidents, etc.

    Role of lifestyle and jobs in Low back pain

    The gradual changes in the work culture of the World seem to be the prominent factor in the increase in low backache conditions worldwide.

    Society and economy have evolved into ‘service sector dominant’ from the previous agricultural and industrial sectors.

    For example, office workers and IT professionals are the most commonly affected sections.

    White-collar jobs offer no chances to give proper rest to the spine.

    The sedentary lifestyle and work culture coupled with an unhealthy diet contribute to lower back pain incidence.

    An increase in alcoholism, smoking etc., led to obesity, liver diseases, cancers etc., which acted as a catalyst to low back pain incidence.

    Other sectors also contribute to low back pain but are in a lesser magnitude than the service sector.

    Early symptoms of Lower Back Pain

    The most common symptom is starting pain itself.  

    It is essential to monitor the symptoms associated with pain and consult a doctor.

    Associate symptoms can be

    1. Urinary incontinence
    2. Faecal incontinence,
    3. The rise in body temperature
    4. Redness and oedema of the low back
    5. Radiating pain to legs
    6. Difficulty in urination
    7. Severe abdominal pain
    8. Fever and chills
    9. weight loss and numbness of the pelvic region

    Chronic Stage of Low Back Pain

    The later stage of low back pain presents with severe persistent pain over the low back. It severely affects the range of movements of the spine.

     But the severity of the symptoms varies according to the aetiology of low back pain.

    Ayurvedic treatment for low back pain in Kerala

    Whatever the underlying cause may be, low back pain needs proper medical care.

    Otherwise, it will affect the day-to-day activities of the persons involved. In acute cases, appropriate treatment helps the low back pain become chronic over time and helps avoid complications.

    Ayurveda provides the most effective treatment for low back pain.

     In Ayurveda, low back pain is described under Vatavyadhi, diseases due to the aggravation of Vata dosha.

    Gridhrsasi and Kadeegraha are the two conditions of low back pain related to Ayurveda.

    Gridhrasi presents with radiating pain from the low back to the legs.

    Kadeegraha has severe pain in the low back only.

    Low back pain management in Ayurveda includes both internal medications and external treatments.

    Internal remedies include medicines promoting Agnideepthi or increasing the body’s digestive power to cope with potent medication.

    Effective line of therapy includes painkilling along with treatment for the root cause.

    1.  Maharasnadi Kashaya and Yogaraja Guggulu are effective combinations for this purpose
    2. Medicated ghees can be given for snehana or oleation of the body internally.
    3. Fomentation procedures like steam baths are also reasonable
    4. Local external treatment like lepana can reduce inflammation
    5. Jadamayadi Choorna or Kottamchukkad Choorna etc. can be used for this purpose
    6. For the whole body, Dhara using Dhanyamla can be used. This treatment will help to reduce the inflammation as well as eliminate the vitiated doshas
    7. Panchakarma therapies such as Virechana, purgation, Vasthi, or enema can help remove doshas from the body and strengthen it
    8. Depending on the patient’s condition and disease, recommended external treatments are abhyanga or oil massage, Ilakkizhi or Patra potali Sweda, Narangakkizhi or jambeera pinda sweda, Pizhichil, Kati Vasthi etc.
    9. Dhanwantharam thaila, Murivenna, Sahacharadi thaila, Kottam chukkadi thaila, Shathahwadi thaila, etc., are commonly used for these purposes and should be selected according to the condition.
    10. External support bandages are needed. Proper bed rest and light and easily digestible diet only are advised.
    11. After the subsidence of pain, Njavara kizhi or Shashtika pinda sweda can nourish and strengthen the low back and the whole body
    12. Yoga exercises can be practised afterwards when proper strength s attained.
    13. Rasayana medicines like Brahma Rasayana, Narasimha Rasayana etc., can be given to strengthen the body further and keep diseases away

    Precautions to avoid low back pain

    1. Proper support to the low back while doing prolonged work.
    2. Should give rest to the low back in regular intervals.
    3. Walking in regular intervals for short distances during work and mild massaging using muscle relaxant ointments.
    4. This will help to relax the muscles and do proper stretching.
    5. Daily abhyanga using any medicated oils and taking a bath will help the body maintain its strength.
    6. Daily exercises are needed. It will help to reduce overweight and, in turn, helps the spine to hold the body weight.
    7. Always try to sit in proper posture. Keeping knees in a slightly higher position than hips while sitting is advocated.
    8. Yoga practice daily can help prevent low back pain. Padahastasana and Pranayama are effective choices.
    9. Quit smoking. Smoking reduces the blood flow to the intervertebral discs.
    10. Always sleep in the proper position. Put one pillow under the knees and one under the lower back if sleeping on the back is preferred.
    11. Proper care should be given while lifting heavy objects. Bend the knees and squat, hold the thing close to the body while lifting heavier objects.
    12. Tight outfits are to be avoided, which reduce the blood circulation to intervertebral discs.
    13. Of course, avoid fighting and trauma.
    14. Reduce motorcycle rides.
    15. Walking, cycling, swimming, jogging etc., helps to strengthen the low back.
    16. Avail immediate medical care when low back pain appears.
    17. Pregnant ladies should try to sleep on their sides to avoid low back pain. It is better to avoid high heel footwear.
    18. .
    19. While driving, make sure that low back is getting proper support. For this, small cushions can be placed.
    20. Do not sleep on a very soft mattress.
    21. Include fibre rich food in the diet, which prevents constipation and thereby lower back pain.
    22. Include dairy products in diet which can give enough Vitamin D, which is essential for bone health. Mild sunbath can provide Vitamin D naturally in the body.

    Five Home remedies to heal low back pain

    Specific home techniques can heal mild low back pain due to prolonged sitting or working etc.

    But for severe cases, these cannot be applied as they need hospitalizing treatment and care.

    1. Use of Rasna jambeera lepana: a heated mixture of Rasnadi Choorna and Lemon juice applied over the low back help to reduce inflammation and pain.
    2. Retaining warm medicated oil like Murivenna over the low back in a square cut cotton and gauze will help reduce low backache.
    3. Garlic pods are fried in sesame oil and apply over the area to relieve lower back pain.
    4. Massage using Karpooradi thailam.
    5. Practising hip bath or Avagaha sweda can help to give strength to low back and hip. Daily practice of sitting in warm water containing Epsom salt helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

    Low back pain, which is of multiple etiological origins, needs a careful lifestyle to prevent much of its incidence.

    Many people are unaware of the treatments that Ayurveda offers. There are many Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala at affordable prices.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions about Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Kerala. Please go through the FAQ, it will give more information

    1. Is Ayurveda treatments effective for back pain?

    Ayurveda has very effective treatment methods for back pain and related problems.

    It includes both internal herbal medicines and external therapies like panchakarma treatments.

    Medicines are safe to use, and the results are long-lasting.

    2. Is Ayurveda Massage good for back pain

    Ayurveda massage done with warm medicated oils is the best choice to get a sudden relief from back pain.

    But in case of inflammation or swellings associated with back pain, other processes like kizhi or bolus therapies or lepanam for reducing swellings are advised before massaging.

    A back massage done properly according to the condition of patients with suitable oil can give very good results.

    3. Which is the best ayurvedic medicine good for back pain?

    Back pain or katigraha is a disorder caused due to vitiation of Vata dosha.

    Herbs or ayurvedic medicines suitable for balancing Vata dosha are the best choice of medicine for back pain.

    There are a lot of formulated medicines like decoction, pills and oils recommended in Ayurveda for back pain treatment.

    Nirgundi, Sahachara, Rasna, Bala, Sallaki, Guggulu, Eranda, Shunti etc., are a few medicines which are mainly used for back pain treatment.

    4. How do you get rid of back pain fast ?

    Apply ayurvedic herbal oils good for back pain and give steam or keep hot bags to get fast relief from back pain.

    Also, use ayurvedic liniment or creams for sudden pain relief if necessary.

    Maintain your posture, give back support and use a lumbar corset if severe pain.

    Anti-inflammatory herbal medicines and ayurvedic therapies are better options to quickly get rid of back pain.

    Consult your nearby ayurvedic doctor to get a proper diagnosis and medicines to avoid complications.

    5. What does Ayurveda says about back pain?

    In Ayurveda, lower back pain is correlated with katigraha or katishoola.

    It is a condition in which Vata dosha become vitiated due to various causes (like overstraining, bad food habits, controlling of urges etc.)and gets dislodged in Kati pradesha (lower back portion) and produces the symptoms like pain and stiffness.

    Vata vitiation is of two forms, one is due to dhathukshaya (degeneration of bones and muscles), and the other is maragvarodha (blockage of channels ).

    As a result, vitiated Vata will affect the sandhi (joints), says (ligaments ), asthi(bones), and mamsa (muscles) and causes the problem.

    Vitiated Vata makes other doshas like pitta and Kapha in vitiated forms and produces swelling, burning sensation etc.

    6. Is walking good for back pain?

    Walking is a good form of exercise for patients with chronic back pain.

    It will help to strengthen the muscles and ligaments and reduce pain.

    But those people with acute back pain due to injury or trauma are not advised to walk. They have to take enough rest. Otherwise, it may trigger the back pain

    7. Which one is better for back pain, ice or heat?

    According to Ayurveda, heat is better for reducing back pain.
    Back pain is correlated with Kati Graha in Ayurveda, a Vata disorder. Vitiated Vata gets balanced by the use of heat applications and therapies. But ice is cold and can again increase the vitiation of Vata, which may not be good for health, according to Ayurveda

    Authored by Dr.Salini.L.S

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