Natural ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy

9 Natural ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is common, but there are some things you can do to relieve the pain. Here are the nine natural ways to relieve back pain during pregnancy

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is exhilarating and painful for the mother. The pain can come off guard at any time – in the middle of the night, mornings or in the evenings.

These back pains are so painful that they can make you passive and immobile throughout your pregnancy journey.

The main reason for the back pain during pregnancy is – when the baby is formed inside your uterus, it changes the centre of gravity, resulting in your pelvis moving forward.

Thus, the back pain that develops during pregnancy is known as pelvic girdle pain, which starts from the middle lower back area and extends to your hips and pubic bone.

But there are a lot of natural remedies to ease your back pain during pregnancy.

Let’s check out what they are.

Right Posture

Choosing the right posture will help you to get relief from back pain during pregnancy.

Your pain threshold is greatly influenced by your posture.

It’s crucial to be aware of your movements and postures if you want to relieve back pain.

You’re not going to be doing yourself any favours, for instance, if you have back pain and carry too much weight or sit at an awkward angle. 

The proper footwear will also improve your posture, which will lessen your pain. Poorly fitted shoes or shoes without enough arch support can seriously hurt your back by throwing it out of alignment. To aid your posture the most, look for sturdy, comfortable shoes.

Do the right kind of exercise.

It’s a common misconception that pregnant women shouldn’t exercise.

A little exercise cleared by a doctor can be beneficial for managing pain and getting ready for labour.

Doing regular moderate exercises can ease back pain during pregnancy.

For example, a brisk walk, swimming, or other aqua natal classes.


There are several benefits to swimming for pain reduction. The water supports your entire body,  giving you the impression that you are weightless and relieving pressure from your sore joints. Your spine is relieved of pressure while the water supports your growing baby bump, providing much-needed comfort. Swimming, even leisurely laps, can assist in maintaining muscular tone, which will make things simpler when the baby decides it’s time to make an entrance.

Prenatal Yoga

Pregnancy yoga is famous for relieving back pain in most neighbourhood communities and sports facilities. With more and more women turning to yoga at this period in their life, the advantages for pregnant women have come to be more acknowledged in recent years.

Another activity that helps improve general muscle tone is yoga. Practising exercise during the second trimester is excellent; As it enhances posture and relieves aches and pains, it is also helpful for treating back pain.

Professional Specialists

A professional should check any back that doesn’t go better after a day or so. A physiotherapist or physician can determine whether any injury or discomfort is solely pregnancy-related. The great thing about consulting specialists on occasion is that they’ll calm your concerns while also providing you with excellent takeaways for ongoing comfort.


Acupuncture may be one of the most helpful strategies if you enjoy it. Still, obviously, not everyone will find it appealing. Acupuncture is a centuries-old medical practice that uses tiny needles to penetrate the skin. Its roots are in East Asia.

The needles are inserted at specific pressure points, enhancing the functionality of numerous biological systems and your physical and mental well-being. This is accomplished by removing obstructions obstructing the body’s natural flow of qi, pronounced “chee.”

It has been repeatedly shown to lessen the discomfort of back pain and associated symptoms. You may also notice increased energy, relief from headaches and nausea, and less tiredness throughout the day.

Me Time

Self-care is crucial for both pain management and pregnancy. You will feel strain physically, emotionally, and psychologically. You could feel overwhelmed if you have back pain also. Schedule some alone time for meditation, a massage, or maybe a long bubble bath.


Massage calms sore, achy muscles and can make your back ache go away. Lay on your side or lean forward over the back of a chair. Ask a friend to massage your lower back and other back muscles gently. You could also benefit from the assistance of a licenced massage therapist or a physiotherapist.

Backpain fixes for the nighttime

There are many ways to relieve your back pain during pregnancy while sleeping at midnight.

Many aches and pains might be relieved with a good night’s sleep. Try sleeping with a small cushion or towel folded between your knees to ease pain in the lower back. This is well recognized to aid in pain reduction and spine alignment.

Use a blanket that has been folded up and placed behind you, close to the base of your spine, as an additional nighttime pregnant back pain remedy. This will assist you in staying on your side and prevent hip twisting as you go off to sleep.


You are not alone if you have back pain during pregnancy. Utilizing these natural remedies might help you feel better while your body goes through all these changes. Always consult a licenced health expert to receive the most accurate opinion if anything doesn’t feel right. 

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