10 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Weight

10 Easy ways to reduce weight

Many of us are worried about what to do to lose weight. Some even give up trying halfway through. Do not be discouraged if you think that you need to follow a strict diet and tough exercise.

Losing weight is not a Himalayan task. Where there is a will, there is a way. If you want to

know, let us look into some of the simplest techniques, including exercise and workouts to lose weight.

Exercise Regularly

Regular Exercise for weight loss

Exercise and working out is an unavoidable steps for losing weight. Energy consumption is increased by adjusting the rate of metabolism in the body.

Exercise reduces the fat tissue in our body into energy.

There are two types of exercise; aerobic and anaerobic.

Exercising without the need for oxygen is anaerobic.

For example, weight lifting is very useful for weight loss and is a very tough exercise.

Aerobic exercise is in the presence of oxygen.

For example, brisk walking, swimming, etc., are not much tough.

Anaerobic exercise is good for burning fat as well as building muscles. But they are so intense that they need to be done only on alternate days.

Also, one must decide to walk at least half an hour daily without fail.

Sleep Well

Better Sleep for Weight loss

If you do not sleep well, it will disrupt the hormones that control your appetite, and as a result,

you will eat more food. Studies show that a person consumes more than 500 calories extra on a day when they do not get enough sleep.

These extra calories cannot be digested as well.

So it is very important to get good sleep to maintain good metabolism in our body

Drink Enough water

Drinking Water for weight loss

The early stages of weight loss are mainly through water loss in the body.

So to avoid dehydration, enough water needs to be consumed.

For the process of calorie burn to happen smoothly, water is crucial. Dehydration slows down the process by which fat is digested.

There is another benefit to drinking water.

If you drink water and food, you will feel full stomach quickly; thus, you will eat less, which can result in losing weight.

Optimal intake of salt

Salt increases body weight; also, it does not provide any calories.

Salt affects the water content in our bodies.

When too much salt enters the body through food, it causes our body to retain too much water, which results in a feeling of bloating and thus results in increased weight.

If we expel salt, we can lose the weight of the above water.

Including only the recommended amount of salt into the diet can reduce the problem of this extra water content.

The recommended daily dose of sodium for an adult is 2,300 milligrams.

Live in harmony with nature

If you live in harmony with nature, weight gain can be reduced.

Get into the habit of eating natural foods.

Adequate intake of fruits, vegetables and fibre and avoiding fried, fatty, artificial and processed foods.

Avoid soft drinks.

Drink enough water.

Do not take medicines unnecessarily.

You can set aside some time for daily exercise.

You can go walking and cycling.

Do not overeat during emotional arousal and stressful situations.

Have a Goal and determination

Mindfulness and determination are the inspiration for all desires.

One must tell oneself that “I will be slim and I will have a beautiful body as before”. 

Obese people may paste a photo of their slim figure on the side of the mirror.

Then, look in the mirror and say as many times as you like that I will be like this.

Along with this, exercise, diet and other things should be taken care of.

Eventually, our bodies will become just as we desire. That is, the body will eventually come in harmony with our mind’s desire.

Do not overeat

When we eat, the brain receives signals from the stomach and intestines and tells the brain when we are full.

But in the case of a person who eats very fast, the functioning of these natural signals will not be smooth.

Slowly chew and swallow the food.

Gradually it becomes a habit.

The stomach will also feel full.

If you eat slowly, the feeling of fullness in the stomach will arise from the brain in about 15 minutes.

If you eat even after that, the brain tells us to ‘stop’.

Then there are plenty of calories left in our bowl.

We do not continue to eat since we stop only when we feel our stomachs full.

Smell and satisfy

The smell of food can trigger hunger.

The smell can also activate the parts of the brain that make the stomach feel full.

So hunger can be temporarily suppressed.

You can practice controlling your appetite temporarily just by the smell of your favourite food. 

Eat in a small bowl

The usual practice is to serve food in a large bowl.

But through this, the extra food gets inside our bodies.

We can find a solution to this intelligently.

Take a small plate full of food and eat it.

Convince yourself that you have eaten a bowl full of rice.

Excess food and excess calories can be avoided.

Avoid watching TV while eating.

Many people eat in front of the TV.

Especially children.

Most of the children of today’s generation are the ones who insist on eating only by watching cartoons.

When we sit in front of the TV, we do not pay attention to the food we eat.

We do not know how much food goes in.

Many people do not think about the intake of high-calorie food which is automatically absorbed while enjoying the TV program.

You can concentrate on food while eating in the dining room.

Having meals together is also an opportunity to warm up with family members.


Above mentioned are the best ways to lose weight yourself if you try. But the causes of obesity are many and varied. Therefore, those who want to lose weight must first understand exactly the causes of obesity.
The above methods can reduce obesity caused by lifestyle. It’s best to see a doctor for other types of weight loss. After that, you can consult a physical trainer or hospitals that offer weight loss treatments.

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