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Ayurvedic Treatment For Acne

What is acne?

Acne is a very common, self -limited disorder involving the sebaceous follicles. It is usually first noted in the teenage years. Prevalence increases steadily throughout adolescence and then decreases in adulthood. This disease is seen in the face, front and back of the neck and trunk. Skin is very much greasy due to excessive sebum secretion. Comedones are seen and these are called black comedones. Sometimes Whitehead comedones are seen these can be extracted by nails. In adult life acne usually disappears spontaneously though in some cases it persists.

How to Treat Acne

What not to do in this disease is as important what to do. The pimples present on the cheeks should neither be touched by bare fingers, not squeezed or pricked. Frequent facial washing is essential to remove the surface dirt and fatty secretion. Excessive fatty or oily food should be avoided. Associated dandruff, when present should be treated.

8 Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Acne

  1. Lepa( medicinal paste) of Jatiphala (Nut-meg) prepared in water to be applied on the acne.
  2. Lepa prepared from the seed of Masura(Lentil) 12 g. by grinding in 50ml milk and mixing with 12 g ghee to be applied on the face
  3. Prepare Lepa of Priyala( Cuddapaha almond) in cows milk and apply on the acne.
  4. Lepa of the thorn of salmali (silk cotton tree) prepared with milk to be applied on the acne.
  5. Triphalaguggulu-1to 2 tablets thrice daily should be taken internally.
  6. Lepa of equal part of Sudha Tankana (borax) Sukti Bhasma mixed with honey, to be applied on the acne.
  7. Saribadyarista, 15-30 ml with equal quantity of water twice daily to be taken internally.
  8. Shaka Bhasma, 250 to 500mg with lemon juice should be taken daily.
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