Home Remedies for Common Nail Problems

Home remedies and Natural tips for nail problems and nail care

The health of your nails is an essential part of your overall health. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the common nail problems and how you can take care of them.

Deficiency of nutrients, calcium, iron and other minerals and exposure to toxic chemicals can affect the health of the nails.

We are introducing you to some of the home remedies for healthy nails.

  1. Try not to retain moisture in the nails. Frequent contact with water can cause cracks in the nails and infection by damaging the nail’s cuticle. Nails should be washed, cleaned, and wiped of moisture.
  2. Apply oil to the nails daily. This will protect the outer layer of the nail.
    Cracks and the loss of elasticity of the nails, which leads to cracking, can be fixed by taking a mixture of milk and kurunthotti or  Sida cordifolia (Cuban jute or jelly leaves).
  3. In case of nail damage caused by fungal infections applying a mixture of ground kanikonna leaves( golden shower plant leaf) on the nail will cure the fungal infection.
  4. Also, applying a grinded mixture of neem leaves and thakara leaves (sickle senna leaves) will cure the nail damage caused due to fungal infection.
  5. To avoid the infection on the sides of the nail, it is recommended to apply water boiled with Triphala (Mustard, Gooseberry, Tanika) dissolved in the borax solution.
  6. Boiling water with double the amount of sugar and applying it to the infected nail can treat the fungal infection.
  7. In the case of stunted nail growth that comes with a line across the nails, taking Kurunthotti (Cuban jute or jelly leaves) along with the prescribed treatment of the disease can help restore the health of the nails quickly.
  8. Nails should be trimmed regularly and should be taken good care of. If the nails have grown long and thicker and if found difficult to cut them, it is recommended to dip the feet into warm after applying ghee or oil to the nails. This makes it easy to trim them.
  9. Excessive exposure to detergents and other chemicals can cause much damage to the nails. To cure this, you can apply nalpaamaram ghee on the nails. Nalpamara bark or podi or Nalpamaram powder is prepared from four different plants such as Aththi (Cluster Fig Tree /Indian Fig Tree), Ethi (Mesquite tree), Arayal (bodhi tree / pippala tree/peepal tree / ashwattha tree) and Peral (Banyan Tree).

Be careful; Changes in the nails can sometimes reflect some other disease. Therefore, if these persist for a long time, seek medical help. 

Consult our doctor for a medical advice

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