Some Common physical activities that cause back pain

What are the Common physical activities that cause back pain?

Have you ever experienced sudden back pain when lifting weights or playing games? Do you know which physical activities that commonly cause low back aches? 

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    Maybe you have asked yourself if there are any natural tips to resolve this issue. Does back pain due to physical activities requires medical attention?

    Here are all the pieces of information you are looking for

    Common physical activities that cause back pain

    Low back ache is a painful condition affecting the lower portion of the spine.

    The pain in the low back region can be pathological due to physical activity.

    The low back ache due to physical activities are usually divided into

    1.  Occupational load – which can be related to one’s occupation.
    2. The non-occupational load includes leisure activities, sports, physical exercises, etc.

    The common physical activities that can lead to low back aches are:

    • Improper lifting of weight.
    • Prolonged standing and sitting.
    • Lying down in improper posture.
    • Poorly fitting backpacks.
    •  Lack of exercise or over-exercise.
    • Injuries during sports activities.
    • Improper sitting postures.
    • Continuous long driving.
    • Sudden fall

    Why do some physical activities cause back pain?   

    Excess physical activities can cause stress and strain the muscles, nerves, and joints in the low back region. 

    The overloading or working of muscles leads to low metabolism or anaerobic metabolism and wear and tear to the tissue. It can lead to improper blood and oxygen circulation to the respective region. 

    This will result in the accumulation of toxins, improper nourishment, etc., which lead to low back aches.

    The common physical activities and how they lead to low back pain are discussed below:

    1. Sudden falls can cause injury to a nerve, muscle sprain, vertebral fractures, etc.

    Following are the examples 

    • Sudden fall in gutters while driving.
    • Fall during sports and recreational activities etc.

    2. Non-ergonomic sitting in front of the computer.

    Normal vertebral posture is not maintained, while improper sitting leads to intervertebral disc prolapse, arthritis, etc. Sitting for a long time also leads to localized inflammation in the low back region.

    1. Lack of exercise leads to stiffness in the muscles and joints in the low back area. At a later stage, it will lead to pain and edema.
    2. Over-exercise causes muscle spasms, sprains, and strains in the muscles.

    Different types of low back ache due to physical activities.

    Low back aches can be due to mechanical, metabolic, inflammatory, and neoplastic reasons. These mechanical and inflammatory reasons can list under back pain due to physical activities. The clinical features of this type of pain are:

    1. Mechanical.

    • Age group – 20-55 years.
    • Acute onset associated with lifting or bending.
    • More on activity
    • Relieved by rest
    • Recurrent episodes
    • Asymmetrical – confined to the lumbosacral region, buttocks, or thigh
    • Does not radiate beyond the knee 
    • No clear-cut nerve root distribution


    • Gradual onset
    • Often before 30 years.
    • Axial and symmetrical

    How to avoid back pain due to physical activities?

    Conservative management is the most simple and efficient management to avoid low back aches. It simply means avoiding activities that can affect our vertebral column. 

    Some of the tips everyone can follow are

    • People who have to sit or continue a non-ergonomic position for a long time should take a break and give a relaxation period for the muscles after a fixed period.
    • People engaged in over-exercise should train under a trainer and follow their instructions.
    • People engaged in continuous driving should rest after a period and take a small walk to relax the vertebral posture. 
    • Good sleeping posture can improve your vertebral posture otherwise can cause serious back pains; sleeping on a coir mattress and without a pillow can reduce the back pain.
    • People engaged in hard-core sports training and schedules should train under a professional trainer knowledgeable in muscle fatigue, stress, and strain.

    Maintaining the backpack’s weight can also reduce back pain.

    When to see a doctor?

    Many of you may ignore this condition and try to see the doctor only when the condition worsens. 

    In most cases, the disease may have attained a state where treatment is not possible or in the last stages. 

    So everyone must keep in mind that seeing a doctor is important. Some of the conditions in which you must visit a doctor are: 

    • Pain from an injury.
    • Fever accompanied by pain.
    • Bladder and bowel incontinence, along with the pain.
    • When the pain doesn’t relieve after the time of rest.
    • Numbness and tingling sensation in the foot.
    • Sudden weight loss.
    • People who are using alcohol and drugs.
    • Sudden falls, accidents, and related history.
    • Patients have a history of cancer.
    • When the conservative treatment is not helping to reduce the pain.

    Natural tips to reduce back pain due to physical activities.

    1. Rest properly in a bed in the correct posture for a maximum of 48 hours. While resting, keep a pillow between the knees and lie on the side.

    2 Using hot and cold compression in regular intervals 

    3 Proper exercise

    4 Resuming normal or near-normal activities

    5 Meditation

    6 Using of coir mattress

    7 Apply medicated oil to the affected region and massage the area.

    What are the Ayurvedic Remedies for low back aches?

    Ayurveda holistic science has proper scientific treatment for managing low back pain. 

    In Ayurveda, low back pain can be correlated to katigraham, katisoolam, gridrasi, prishta soolam, etc. 

    The first and initial management line is Samana Chitika( pacifying therapy), which includes taking different medications like kashayam, arishtam, gulika, etc.

    Suppose the disease doesn’t get pacified by the above treatment. In that case, the physician will advise therapeutic procedures like abhyanga, kizhi, Dhara, Kati Vasti, pizhichil, and enema, depending upon the patient’s condition.

    Low back ache due to physical activities is one of the most common crises that most people face once in their lifetime.

    Simple lifestyle modification, exercise, and medications can avoid most of these problems.

    Ayurvedic Treatment for back pain in Kerala is a comprehensive package of internal herbal medicine and therapies to treat all types of back pain.

    Book an appointment for Ayurvedic Treatment in Kerala.

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