Gestational Diabetes Management in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Treatment for Gestational Diabetes

What is Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM), is a condition of Diabetes, which is found only in pregnant mothers. This condition is developed between the 24th till the 28th week of pregnancy.  It occurs as a result of very high levels of blood glucose due to improper functioning of the Pancreatic glands to produce insulin.

Reasons for Gestational Diabetes

In the process of digestion, the food particles are converted into a sugar type, called glucose, which is used by the cells to produce energy to complete our daily activities. This glucose enters the bloodstream, which triggers the pancreas to release a hormone called insulin, which helps the cell to convert glucose into energy. The reason for diabetes is the improper functioning of the Pancreatic Glands in secreting Insulin, leading to high levels of blood glucose.

In pregnant women, Gestational Diabetes can occur due to the following reasons :

  1. The presence of lactogen secreted by the babies placenta hinders the production of insulin
  2. Obesity
  3. Family history of diabetes
  4. Birth of a very healthy baby ( weighing up to 8 lbs, or even more)
  5. Age over 35yrs
  6. History of high blood pressure
  7. Unhealthy food practices

Risks Associated with Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes can occur in women, who have never had any problems of diabetes before. For the expecting mother, the risks posed are of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life and not having a normal delivery but having to undergo caesarian delivery, 

 As this generally develops in the 24th week of pregnancy it has a high chance of affecting the unborn child. Generally, the kids grow very large, due to which, they either get stuck in the birth canal while delivery, posing a great risk to their head and can also impair their brain development. In this case, they have to be forcibly taken out through a caesarian section only. The child may develop jaundice, respiratory problems, low level of blood glucose level, low levels of calcium, risk of polycythemia which is having an unusually high number of red blood cells and also can be stillborn. Even if the delivery has been successful, there is a risk of obesity in these kids.


Although Gestational Diabetes is a matter of high concern, it can still be cured, as occurrence cannot be prevented, as no such method has been developed. All expectant mothers should follow these preventive measures:


 The first step that most doctors take, is making the expectant mother undergo diabetes tests on the onset of their 24th week of pregnancy. Because once detected, it can be brought under control by medicines.

Recipes and Diet

The common practice followed during pregnancy, is to satisfy those hunger pangs, which are the highest to occur during this phase. This is the time, the mother has to be very careful as she is also providing nutrition for her growing unborn child too. Commonly, the diet would consist of high carbohydrate content, which helps in the release of high glucose.

In case, the mother is diagnosed with Gestation Diabetes, she should not follow the common diet, as this would end in releasing a high amount of glucose in the blood, and not sufficient insulin to break it. After a lot of research by doctors and dieticians, the concept of Gestation Diabetes Recipes was formulated.

The Gestation Diabetes Recipes are prepared in such a manner to keep in check the per serving carbohydrate intake of an individual. This is required, as most of the mothers have a very high urge of eating. The Gestation Diabetes recipes, focus more on the nutritional value of the meal, rather than the energy value.

A few examples of the inclusions in Gestation Diabetes Recipes, all the processed foodstuff is replaced by-products made from whole grain and whole grains themselves. Most of the Gestation Diabetes Recipes are prepared either with no oil or if required only in extra virgin oil.

Gestational Diabetes Recipes replace preparations made from refined carbs and include preparation of menus with foodstuff which have complex carbs, like, sweet potatoes, oats. This is for the prevention of the instant spike of carbohydrates in the blood. Slow-release will ensure proper breakdown, plus, constant release of energy.


Although, the Gestational Diabetes Recipes have not been discussed at length here if searched online one can find a whole treasure trove of websites and blogs, which share real-life experiences and tried and tested methods. Only adhering to Gestational Diabetes Recipes is not enough, but even exercising also helps in curbing the glucose level.

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