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How to prevent Kidney stones Through Diet

A kidney stone is a hard mass that forms in the kidney for various reasons. It is a painful condition, and the main reason for this is the presence of crystals in the kidneys, which forms the stones. This blog will look at ways to prevent kidney stones through diet.

Food habits and Kidney stone

Lifestyle and food habits are the main reason for the increase in kidney stones these days.

Excessive intake of sugar, salt, and fat-rich foods in the diet can lead to kidney stones.

Drinking too much salty water can also lead to kidney stones.

Although it is not listed as a lifestyle disease, it is very much affected by a person’s lifestyle.

The well water contains a large amount of calcium and oxalate.

Drinking beverages like cola instead of boiled water can also cause stones to form. Pipe water, which has a high fluorine level, can also cause kidney stones.

Eating a diet rich in potassium can help prevent the formation of calcium stones to some extent.

Citrate in the body needs the help of potassium to be filtered through the urine.

Although the amount of magnesium present in the diet is low, kidney stones can be formed.

Calcium oxalate stones can form even if you regularly consume foods rich in vitamin C.

When more than 10 mg of oxalate enters our body from a single meal, the risk of developing stones is high. The presence of oxalate is found only in vegetables.

General Diet precautions to prevent kidney stone

  • Boiling water mixed with barley and having this drink reduces the chance of kidney stones and also increases the amount of urine.
  • It is good to eat a banana The vitamin B-6 phosphoric acid in bananas reduces the formation of oxalate stones.
  • Excessive consumption of meat, eggs, and fish should be avoided as they contain high levels of purines, which breakdowns and result in the formation of uric acid
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the amount of calcium available in the diet per day is within 1000 to 1,200
  • Intake of salt should be The salt intake must be adjusted to 2300 milligrams or two to three grams.
  • Vitamin E levels should be below 1000
  • Reduce the consumption of soft

Food items to be avoided

The main reason for the increase in urinary stones in Keralites is the deviation from the traditional diet.

Due to the fast pace of life, people often forget to drink enough water, leading to kidney stones. Also, people drink beverages like tea, coffee, and cola instead of water, leading to kidney stones.

People who already had urinary stones once are more likely to have a recurrence and should pay attention to their diet.

  • Tomatoes are high in oxalate but should not be avoided You can remove the seeds and eat them.
  • Although calcium levels are high, milk should not be excluded from the diet. A glass of low-fat milk can be included in the daily
  • People with uric acid stones should reduce their meat consumption, fish, and
  • Citrate and calcium in fermented fruits can cause oxalate stones, so it is better to avoid
  • Alcohol should be avoided Alcohol consumption in a person who already has uric acid stone can lead to the formation of stones again.
  • Low-fat dairy products and egg whites can be used to increase the amount of meat in the Low-fat milk and yoghurt should be included in the daily diet. This will help reduce uric acid levels and prevent stone formation.
  • Include more whole grains in your Eat whole grain rice, wheat, yeast-free bread, etc.
  • Red meat extract contains the most uric acid. Especially the liver, hence should be
  • Fish are another source of uric Fatty fish such as tuna, mackerel, and shrimp are high in uric acid. Consuming fish and meat together with food can increase uric acid levels drastically.
  • Certain types of vegetables increase the levels of uric Spinach, asparagus, mushrooms, and dried legumes. Avoiding these vegetables and eating foods high in magnesium but low in calcium can help prevent the accumulation of uric acid and prevent the disease gout.

Caution for those with calcium oxalate stone

People with calcium oxalate stones should reduce their consumption of spinach, coriander, cabbage, banana stalks, green leafy vegetables, curry leaves, gooseberries, and mushrooms. Tea, coffee, and cola drinks are also high in oxalate.

  • Reduce the salt content in the
  • Reduce the amount of red
  • Avoid more thorny fish-like anchovy.
  • Even if you have calcium oxalate stone, you should have enough calcium in your For this, you can take calcium tablets.
  • Avoid foods high in oxalate

Caution for those with Uric acid stones

People affected with uric acid stones must drink more water than other stones. Normally boiled water, barley water, broth, fruit juices, and vegetable juices can be included. But drink about 50% more boiled water. This will help to reduce the concentration of the urine and helps to filter out the harmful toxins easily from the body.

Reduce food containing more meat—for example, beef, poultry, sardine, and mackerel, which contain purines. Sweetbreads animal liver, heart, head, and kidneys and should be completely avoided

Struvite stones

White stones contain more magnesium than other stones. Eating a diet high in magnesium increases the risk of developing white stones.

Cysteine stones

People with cystine stones should drink at least half a litre of water before bed. As the amount of urine increases, the risk of stone formation decreases.

How to Prevent kidney stones Through Diet

There can be many causes for stones in the kidneys or urinary tract. Stones can be prevented by controlling the amount of water you drink. Excessive accumulation of calcium, oxalate, and phosphorus in the urine increases the risk of stones. Therefore, these should be controlled in the diet.

  • Drink three liters of water Be very careful, especially during summer.
  • Fruits are high in potassium and can be included in the This will reduce the risk of stone formation.
  • You can eat Some of these enzymes are resistant to stone,
  • It is recommended to drink tender coconut water for people with kidney stones. Tender coconut water is high in
  • Reduce bodyweight; else, the chance of kidney stone formation is
  • Milk does not contain However, the calcium contained in milk combines with the oxalate available from other foods to form calcium oxalate stones. People with calcium oxalate stones should eat foods high in vitamin B6 and magnesium.
  • People with calcium phosphate stones can include meat and fermented fruits in their The amount of salt should be reduced.
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