Kerala Diet Plan For Weight Gain

Kerala Diet Plan for Weight Gain

Weight gain can be a very time-consuming process.

We need to have patience and trust in ourselves to gain weight.

Nutrient-rich foods will give you a healthy body.

At the same time, many people work to lose weight, just as many struggles to gain weight.

Don’t binge on fast food, pizza, and milkshakes, thinking you want to gain some weight quickly.

The goal is to gain weight healthily, not to put on unwanted fat in our bodies! Hence, focus on eating the right kind of food at the right time, in the correct quantity.

A healthy weight gain diet will avoid the storage of unwanted fats.

The secret to gaining weight

Consume high-calorie foods between 16 and 20 times your body weight in calories.

This “calorific threshold,” if we may use that term, is the precise number of calories needed to maintain your current weight.

Eat more if you need to gain weight.

Calorific threshold = body weight x (16 to 20 – depending on the intensity of the weight gain you desire)

You’ll need to eat more if you have physically demanding work or engage in any everyday activities that are physically challenging.

It is advised to increase calorie consumption by 300–500 calories every two weeks since as your weight progressively increases, more calories will be needed to maintain it.

How to Gain Weight?

Food is the healthiest way to gain weight. Here are a few tips if you are looking for a Kerala diet plan for weight gain.

Certain foods can help you gain weight. Skimmed milk, fruit juices, and energy drinks can also help you gain weight.

Curd with ghee is an excellent way to gain weight.

Red meats are the major contributor to weight gain in the meat itself.

Kerala Diet Plan For Weight Gain

Let’s have a look at the Kerala diet plan for weight gain.

Kerala is famous for its traditional dish, the Sadya, which includes avial prepared from yam, snake guard, brinjal, raw bananas, beans, carrot, drumstick, cucumber, and coconut.

Additionally well-known are the appams, cabbage thoran, idli, beetroot kichadi, and parippu, composed of yellow lentils and grated coconut.

Olan, a dish from Kerala prepared with ash guard, coconut milk, pumpkin, red beans, chiles, and coconut oil, is also popular.

Dairy products, meat, rice, etc., can help you gain weight.

How one can healthily gain weight

First things first, we should intake the right nutrient-rich foods.

Foods rich in protein will help you gain weight by promoting muscle growth.

Here are some Kerala foods that are high in calories and nutrients and can help you gain weight quickly.


Milk can be mixed with oats, cereals, or chocolate. Milk contains many calories, vitamin D, and A. Unpasteurized milk is best for rapid weight gain. A glass of whole milk contains 120-150 calories.


Potatoes are a ‘standard food’ for those who want to gain weight.

It is avoided by those trying to lose weight.

It is rich in carbohydrates which can digest quickly and lead to weight gain. 

The excessive glucose in our body is turned into fat. Potatoes are rich in nutrients like potassium, fibre, and vitamin C.

 Potatoes can be used along with other vegetables with their skins. 

A medium potato contains 150 calories.


Peanuts contain seven grams of protein in one ounce.

Groundnuts can be roasted or soaked in water.

Eating peanuts which are high in calories, can lead to weight gain.


Bananas can be eaten as a snack or after a workout. Bananas have more sugar and calories than any other fruit.

Bananas are good for improving digestion, improving mood, and improving sleep.

Almonds, walnuts, pistachios

These three types of nuts can help in weight gain. Almonds and pistachios are high in fibre.

They also contain heart-healthy unsaturated fats. An ounce of almonds, and pistachios, has 6 grams of protein.

This is the same amount as in an egg. 

Walnuts contain omega-3 fats. These nuts have 160 calories per ounce.

Raisins and Figs

Figs and raisins can help you put on weight.

Daily consumption of the same number of figs and raisins can result in weight gain.

Before going to bed at night, soak these two ingredients in water. The following day, consume them on an empty stomach.


The correct protein intake is crucial for weight gain. Eggs are high in fat and calories, which contribute to weight growth swiftly.

Every day, include an egg in your diet. In addition, it is thought that mutton, chicken, and fish are excellent protein providers.

Some suggested additional ways to gain weight.

If you are following a Kerala diet plan for weight gain, here are some additional tips that will help you.

A balanced breakfast will stimulate your metabolism and appetite.

Food should be rich in minerals and protein.

You can eat any local fruit with it. Just include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein from various foods, and occasional indulgences.

If you try to increase the amount of food out of the blue, your stomach will be complete, and you won’t be able to eat much.

Eating small amounts four or five times a day is better than eating large amounts three times a day.

There should be two and a half to three hours between meals. Never take a break of more than five hours. This will increase your hunger, and you might eat lots of food at a given time that is unhealthy for you.

Eating the same type of food every day can get boring. Gradually, the amount of food consumed will decrease.

Try new dishes now and then. Let’s start with protein.

Alternate between cheese, nuts, beef, fish, yoghurt, beans, chicken, and eggs.

Try to increase your portion size. For example, if you ate five nuts, make it 10. If eating oatmeal, add chopped apple or banana.

Always take a slightly larger plate to eat. So naturally, more food would be taken. 

Don’t stop at the first serving. Add a little again.

Other than just drinking water, drink some calorie-rich juices. For example, milk. You can also drink soda sometimes.

Energy-rich fruits like bananas are great for weight gain.

Bananas and milk can be added as a shake, or bananas can be fried in ghee.


We want to share some information with you about foods to stay away from so that you don’t probably end up on the “other side”, as we said at the beginning, while you’re going through the list and planning.

Over intake of fast food is one of the key factors contributing to obesity worldwide.

If you do that, you’ll gain weight—in the wrong areas, including around your waist—and your chance of developing heart disease and high cholesterol will grow.

Because of this, we advise gaining weight as nature intended.

Always remember that everything natural is healthy and will have lasting effects.

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