Ayurvedic Detoxification Treatment

ayurvedic detoxification Treatments in Kerala and their Benefits

Are you heading for an ayurvedic detoxification Treatment?

Detoxification is a necessity of this era as your body will be immersed in toxins due to the erratic lifestyle and food habits.

Your body is capable of cleansing by itself. The detoxification framework in the body includes the skin, lungs, kidneys, and liver. However, these processes are dragged by the metabolism in the body.

When the metabolism slows down, these organs will be unable to detox the body and hence arises an array of diseases. Let’s know more about this before you move on.

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    What is Ayurvedic detoxification treatment?

    Ayurveda aims for detoxification at both physical and mental levels. As diseases are mostly psychosomatic, physical and psychological detoxification plays an equal and vital role and is possible through ayurvedic panchakarma procedures.

    As the name suggests, Panchakarma includes five detoxification procedures that eliminate toxins and other impurities from your body. In addition, it helps maintain overall health by following the principles of personal hygiene, including daily and seasonal regimes. Ayurvedic detoxification mainly focuses on eliminating deranged or vitiated tridoshas, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and simultaneously replenishing the body and mind; this can be achieved by performing suitable detox procedures.

    Different procedures of Ayurvedic detoxification Treatments

    The five procedures namely Vamana karma (Emesis therapy), Virechana karma (Purgation therapy), Nasya karma (Nasal insufflation), Basti karma (Enema therapy), and Raktamokshana (Bloodletting) – are specially crafted to cleanse your body internally and leave you rejuvenated and replenished.

    Vamana Karma (Emesis therapy)

    This procedure uses various herbal decoctions and powders, ultimately boosting the metabolic process. In addition, this process eliminates wastes (vitiated dosha) and significantly augments Kapha through the gastrointestinal tract. It is also beneficial in removing excess fat from the body and hence aids in weight loss.

    Virechana Karma (Purgation therapy)

    Virechana is the process of eliminating doshas through the rectal opening. It helps to detoxify the kidneys, lungs, and sweat glands effectively. This method is also helpful in cleansing organs in the mid-zone of the body that is Pitta dominant, such as the small intestine, liver, and gallbladder. 

    Nasya karma (Nasal insufflations)

    “Nasa hi shiraso dwaram”

    The process of administering drugs through the nostrils is called Nasya. It cleanses and opens the head’s channels and improves the oxygenation (prana) that directly improves brain functioning, as the nose is said to be the gateway to the head. In addition, it helps remove aggravated Kapha dosha from the body.

    Basti Karma (Enema therapy)

    Basti is specially designed to remove the aggravated Vata dosha from the body. In this particular method, medicated decoction and oils are administered through the anal route with the help of specially-made “Vastiyantra”. When properly administered, Vasti nourishes the inner nerve plexuses, enhancing nerve impulse conduction and preventing nervous system disorders. In addition, this process rejuvenates the body, provides strength and long life, and improves the complexion and the voice.

    Raktamokshana (Bloodletting)

    Rakta means blood, and moksha means to discard, so Raktamokshana means discarding vitiated blood from the body, thereby curing various skin diseases and other blood-related disorders. It can be done with leeches, horns, needles, etc., per the disease requirement.

    What are the benefits of ayurvedic detoxification?

    Ayurvedic detox therapy is highly rejuvenating and replenishing as it revitalizes the body and helps restore homeostasis. In addition, it has the following benefits:

    1. Cleansing the body and rejuvenating the mind 

    Since detoxing focuses on the purification of the body at various stages, it eliminates toxins (ama) and increases digestive fire (Agni). It restores the body’s natural healing abilities. It enables the body to function better so that we can lead a healthy life.

    A healthy body automatically sows in healthy thoughts, thus positively filling both body and soul.

    2. Balance the body constitution

     A well-functioning body is a place where all three Prakriti – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha- are balanced.

    Panchakarma treatment fine-tunes this balance, thus preventing diseases from occurring due to an increase in at least one of the Prakriti at bay.

    Improves sleep patterns and eating habits:

    The treatment defines a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

    It involves consuming a balanced diet, performing yoga and meditation, sleeping on time, and correcting wrong food habits.

    Implementing the same in our daily routine is an excellent way of saying thanks to the body.

    3. Eliminates Stress

    Stress is a health killer. The fast-paced life accumulates stress even faster.

    During the treatment, one has to stay away from technology and social media.

    However, the fact itself can be an effective stress reliever.

    Thus, the panchakarma chikitsa clears blocked channels to enable the natural flow of energy in the body, eliminating stress and promoting health.

    4. Aids in Weight loss 

    So, the removal of ama implies the loss of unhealthy weight and restoring the body’s natural ability to maintain the ideal weight.

    Besides the above-mentioned, Ayurveda’s Panchakarma also helps to

    • slow down the ageing process
    • enhance the digestive strength of digestive juices
    • restore the vitality of the body and improves mental clarity
    • strengthen the immune system
    • promote a sense of health and well-being

    Diet during Detox Therapy

    Preparatory Phase

    In the initial phase, the patient is given light foods that are easy to digest. This prepares the patient’s body for an effective detoxification process.

    These foods are fortified with specific herbs that help kindle the digestive fire.

    Purificatory Phase

    During this phase, we aim to increase the dosha for better elimination, which differs from procedure to procedure.

    The purpose of Virechana is to balance the vitiated Pitta dosha. So we artificially create a slight increase in Pitta by giving sour foods, which indirectly activates the Pitta dosha, making it easier to flush it out from the body. During the treatment, the body flushes out all the excess Pitta from the body.

    Likewise, for balancing Kapha, we do Vamana. The diet includes foods that increase Kapha dosha and make flushing easier.

    This phase follows a therapy-oriented diet that aids the treatment process.

    Post-Purification Recovery Phase

    After the purification phase, your gut would be susceptible, and the diet should be extremely light. Therefore, we serve many soups – especially rice soup that is easy to digest.

    Once your metabolism returns to normal, you can return to your regular healthy diet and some nourishing foods.

    It also varies according to the disease condition; for diabetic people, foods with low glycemic index are served. Likewise, for people with joint issues, or arthritis, a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods makes sense.

    Is Ayurvedic detoxification safe for health?

    Every treatment, whether Ayurveda or any other system of medicine, can jeopardize your health if self-medicated.

    A detox treatment can be decided only by a certified practitioner. Not all bodies require detoxification, so you are not supposed to determine your treatment plan as it will not benefit your health and can harm you more.

    Always consult a physician before going for any treatment plans.

    Blaming Ayurveda for your fault cannot be justified. Ayurvedic detox therapy is gentle and effective as it helps restore metabolic fire, eliminates AMA (toxins), and strengthens tissue functions.

    It also helps balance all three doshas. It is also beneficial in reducing stress levels. It also slows the aging process and Improves strength, endurance, and vitality.


    Ayurveda recommends periodic cleansing to eliminate the accumulated toxins from the body. Your body is capable of cleansing by itself. However, these processes may get affected due to erratic lifestyle and food habits; hence, you require an external booster to cleanse your body, which is possible with our time-tested Ayurvedic science.

    However, it is essential that you have to consult an ayurvedic doctor and do so accordingly.

    If you want to get an  Ayurvedic Cleansing or detox therapy, one of the major Ayurvedic Treatments in Kerala, then visit our Ayurvedic Hospital in Trivandrum

    Then, replenish your mind and body with the panchakarma procedures.

    So happy cleansing!!



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