Ayurvedic Massage Therapy for Diabetes

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy for Diabetes

Concerned about Diabetes and its associated complications? Does lack of blood flow in your body affect every point of your life? Ayurvedic Massage therapy for diabetes helps you to reduce these problems.

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    Diabetes touches almost every part of life. It can induce various health issues, ranging from neuropathy to nephropathy to retinopathy. It causes peripheral blood flow and microvasculature impairment and leads to end organ damage.

    Ayurvedic massage therapies help to reduce these complications of diabetes.

    Does Ayurvedic massage help diabetic patients?

    Yes, recent research has proved the importance of massage therapy in managing Diabetes and its associated complications.

    Ayurvedic whole-body massage helps replenish the body tissues, and massage over the area of the pancreas helps stimulate insulin release.

    Research on Diabetes and ayurvedic massage

    In a 2019 review of studies, researchers found significant evidence that Ayurvedic massage may decrease blood glucose levels and HbA1c levels. It also helps improve pain caused by peripheral neuropathy and diabetic foot ulcers. It may also aid in curing peripheral arterial disease.

    The peripheral arterial disease occurs when plaque buildup causes the narrowing of your blood vessels and reduces circulation to your limbs. It usually occurs in people with type 2 diabetes mellitus and has an increased risk of developing heart attack and stroke.

    Research conducted in 2011 shows that connective tissue massage can help improve the circulation in the lower limbs of people with and may also aid in reducing the progression of peripheral arterial disease.

    Foot massages are found to improve symptoms of diabetic neuropathy

    A 2017 study also showed significant benefits of foot massage for people with diabetes as it reduces the chance of diabetic foot and neuropathies by stimulating blood circulation.

    Research conducted among a group of 38 people with type 2 diabetes found that foot massage significantly increased their balance and mobility. 

    How does an ayurvedic massage help diabetic patients? 

    Ayurvedic massage therapies can do wonders in this condition, as this disease can invade all body tissues. 

    Ayurveda can make out something different from modern medicine. Ayurvedic massage has several benefits – it not only aids in relieving stress but also improves blood circulation, enhancing the body’s natural self-defence by releasing endorphins which act as a natural painkiller and aid in nourishing the skin.

    Ayurvedic therapies help in clearing the body’s channels. All the herbs and oils used for massage helps in creating a feeling of lightness in the body and remove blockages and stiffness. It exhibits a liquifying action on the fat tissues. When herbal powders and oils are applied to the skin with a specific action, it opens up the pores, remove blockages in the vessels, increases heat in the tissues, and stimulates fat metabolism.

    Massages are found to lower blood glucose levels significantly.

    Which ayurvedic massage is good for Diabetes?

    Diabetes patients are always vulnerable to poor circulation. As a result, many complications arise. Having a proper Ayurvedic massage in the form of Udvartana (powder massage) or Abhyanga (oil massage) helps tackle this condition easily. Regular Ayurvedic massage helps move blood through constricted areas of the body. It helps flush out the lactic acid accumulated in 

    your muscles and enables more oxygen-rich blood flow. Neuropathy is a common possible side effect of Diabetes, and massage has proven beneficial in triggering an endorphin release that can raise your pain threshold. 

    Ayurvedic massages for Diabetes include:

    Udvartana (Kneading therapy with herbal powder) 

    In this treatment, herbal powders are applied to a person’s skin to improve blood circulation, alleviate mental stress, and calm the body and the Nervous System. The procedure involves rubbing medicated powders dry or mixed with oil on the body. This reduces the medo that or the fatty tissue in the body. Ayurvedic powders such as Triphala and kolakulathadi choornas are used for this purpose. 

    Abhyanga (Oleation Therapy)

    People who have Diabetes often have a certain stress level. This tends to increase sugar levels considerably. Abhyanga is a soothing procedure that helps relax the muscles and stimulate circulation in the body, thereby increasing glucose absorption and the amount of insulin required to mitigate impaired glucose levels. This therapy involves applying oil over the whole body, including the head, behind the ears, and the sole of your foot. If this treatment is regularly practiced, it helps to manage 

    diabetes and prevent its associated complications.

    Gently massages and compression over the liver and pancreas stimulate the endocrine functions and nervous and circulatory systems. This regulates blood glucose levels, and metabolic rate is also positively affected.

    Foot Massage Therapy

    Ayurveda always emphasizes the importance of foot massage as it affects our hormonal secretions directly in the endocrine & metabolic systems. It makes a person feel a positive factor. It increases the release of serotonin in the blood so that a person feels relaxed.

    In people with Diabetes, if high blood glucose levels are experienced over the years, our blood vessels can become damaged, which can lead to plaque forming in the blood vessels rendering them unable to deliver a sufficient amount of blood to neighboring cells.


    It is also a type of ayurvedic treatment that helps to relieve stress from a person. Sirodhara has been derived from two words, ‘siro’ meaning head and ‘dhara’ meaning flow. Hence, it is a relaxation therapy used to treat various stress-related conditions since immemorial. The medicated liquid flowing on your forehead consists of oil, milk, buttermilk, and water mixed with other natural ingredients. This soothing and relaxing technique helps to reboot your central nervous system. Hence it could make an excellent cure for diabetic neuropathy.

    Ksheera Dhoomam

    Ksheera dhoomam is a type of sudation technique used in nerve-related pathologies. Nervous system disorder that occurs with Diabetes can cause neck problems, physical pain, and numbness in the body. These can be easily cured with this technique of massaging. It uses milk in the form of medicated steams, which helps to relieve symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. This medicated steaming process begins with applying suitable medicated oil on the face, neck and chest. After that, steam is raised by combining cow’s milk and herbal decoctions.


    According to Ayurveda, Sudation therapies are usually contraindicated in Diabetes but can be done if no other options are left. Patra pinda sweda (elakizhi), bashpa sweda, ksheera dhoomam etc., are done according to the patient’s condition. This procedure helps open the pores and cleanses the system through the skin by eliminating toxins from the sweat.

    Precautions for doing ayurvedic massage for diabetic patients

    Ayurvedic Massage is generally safe for people with Diabetes, and most studies report no serious side effects. However, certain precautions have to be taken while performing these therapies, such as

    • Extreme care should be taken to ensure that the massage is done in a rhythmic manner
    • Temperature of the oil should be tolerable for you
    • Discontinue the treatment if you are feeling ill 
    • Avoid burns and cuts through the skin
    • Take lukewarm water after the procedure
    • Take sufficient rest post-treatment
    • Avoid cold foods and drinks before or after treatment
    • Maintain celibacy

    Which oil is good for diabetic patients

     Various medicated oils are used according to the condition of the patient, which are as follows : 

    • Chinchadi taila
    • Pinda taila
    • Ksheera Bala taila
    • Aranaladi taila
    • Brihat saindhavadi taila
    • Dhanvantaram taila


    Ayurvedic Massage is proven to help people with Diabetes lower their blood sugar levels, improve circulation, and deal with its associated complications. However, adequate care should be maintained during the process.

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